Volkswagen parts from Germany

The build quality of Volkswagen cars and their individual parts is always kept at a high level. Reliability, ease of operation, a good level of comfort for passengers —all this is comes with any car model produced at the factories of the Volkswagen AG.

In order for the car to always be in excellent condition and not let down its owner in critical situations, a proper maintenance of all units is necessary, with the replacement of any broken or worn-out spare part from Germany with a new one. The managers of Orient Global GmbH will help you to prolong the service life of your car and will offer the best options when it comes to choosing the right spare part.

Choosing reliable and original Volkswagen parts for your car — auto parts from Germany. You can request a price list using the feedback form our webpage.

Volkswagen auto parts

Using the service of our employees, buyers from many European countries purchase original or close to original spare parts for Volkswagen from us. No matter the category, the quality of our products is always guaranteed.

The advantage of original parts is that they match the car perfectly. They do not differ from the parts that come from factory and can effectively contribute to the proper maintenance of the technical capabilities of the vehicle. An official certificate of origin will help to ensure the authenticity and reliability of each Volkswagen spare part.

Manufactured under license from Volkswagen AG at ATE, DPH, Contitech, Febest, Gligo factories, spare parts are in no way inferior in quality to the original ones but they usually come at a lower price. The same high-quality raw materials, proprietary documentation and modern industrial equipment are used during their production and manufacturing.

You can be sure that the part you buy is the same as the one in the catalog pictures. The entire range of OEM / Aftermarket parts is tested in the company's warehouses before going to our clients. Only after a comprehensive testing is done, these parts are going to be sent to the final customer.

The client can choose any type of delivery method. In the shortest possible time the goods will be delivered by plane, car, train or ship. If necessary, a personal manager can assist with documents necessary for trouble-free customs inspection.

Our company works with a wide range of products: lubricants, oils, filters, brake fluids, exhaust system parts, cooling systems (sensors, fans, air conditioners, radiators, pump), body parts (hood, doors, bumpers, glass, mirrors, fenders), transmission spare parts (gearbox, clutch), suspension parts (shock absorbers etc.) and various parts of the brake system (brake boosters, calipers, parking brakes, cables, traction). The clients can pay in a way convenient for them. You can further reduce the cost of Volkswagen spare parts by participating in regular promotions, offers or by ordering products in large quantities.