• Retail and wholesale OEM/Aftermarket auto parts from the leading manufacturers
  • We work with more than 50 brands OEM/AFTERMARKET
  • Direct and official partnership with more than 30 OEM/Aftermarket auto parts manufacturers
  • Genuine auto parts for all types of vehicles

Working with Orient Global GmbH

By choosing our company as your business partner you can be sure of the following advantages of working with us:

Auto parts from Germany

low prices for the services of delivery and logistics companies use of various methods of transportation of products (air, railway, sea transportation and more traditional ways of transporting goods) for each batch of parts assistance in organizing international logistics and customs clearance of goods all supplied products come with the certificates of quality compliant with TÜV/ISO standards and certificates of origin of goods, which allows our customers and buyers to be confident in the quality of the purchased products creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding when working with our clients

wide range of automotive parts competitive prices and transparent pricing policy flexible discount system, as well as special prices directly from manufacturers we work with orders of any volume long-term order system in case of supply issues timely price lists updates and the ability to access spare parts catalogs fast delivery times and convenient delivery methods for our customers

Auto parts

Auto parts from Germany

«Orient Global GmbH» is an actively developing company that deals with wholesale and retail deliveries of auto parts from Germany.

We offer high quality auto parts. All OEM / Aftermarket products are certified and thoroughly tested during the manufacturing process. We supply reliable and high-quality spare parts for automobiles from leading factories and manufacturers which have a worldwide reputation.

We offer the best prices and work without intermediaries. Direct cooperation as distributors with more than 30 factories producing auto parts for OEM / Aftermarket products allows us to offer you guaranteed low prices.

We offer a wide range of auto parts, providing original Genuine Parts and components for primarily new vehicles that still have warranty.

The goal of our company is to become a valuable partner for our customers, providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

Our company supplies auto parts from Germany and other European countries to Uzbekistan and CIS countries as an official distributor and seller. We constantly strive to do better as we increase the number of offered brands while also trying to cover most of the product groups of auto parts, offering a wide selection of products with great prices and quality.


Brands we work with