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Aftermarket parts from Germany

In this article, we are going to talk about the current trends in the automotive industry regarding the distribution of production among different enterprises and to clarify in a little more detail what Genuine Parts, OEM and non-original Aftermarket parts mean and how to differentiate among them. We will definitely help you to choose the necessary part, whether it is an Aftermarket part, an original or Genuine auto part or an OEM part.

During the formation of the automotive industry, all elements of the created vehicles were produced at one plant. Over time, manufacturers realized that it was easier and more profitable to distribute orders for individual groups of auto parts between different specialized enterprises. The final product is still assembled at the main plant from various parts, assemblies and mechanisms which usually come from third party manufacturers and partners.

The subtleties of the functioning of the auto industry

It should be noted that large car manufacturers can cooperate with several partner factories at once. The number and specialization of such enterprises depend on several factors: the variety of the vehicle model range, production volumes and more. In addition, conveyor manufacturers are located in different parts of the world, the activities of these enterprises are also subject to local legislation. What parts do large car manufacturers produce on their own? Usually we are talking about transmission units, engines and body parts. What is not profitable to produce for them is usually delegated to the third-party manufacturers.

Very often a plant for the production of individual components supplies its products to several automotive giants at once. And vice versa — auto parts mounted on the model leaving the assembly line are produced by various suppliers and delivered to the assembly point from different countries of the world. Due to this sometimes essentially identical parts can have different catalog numbers.


As the time went on, not only auto giants and certified suppliers became involved in the production of auto parts, but also many third-party manufacturers. And today the market is filled with both original and non-original auto parts, which are very often called aftermarket parts. The latter can be sold at a variety of prices. The quality of non-original components is sometimes not the same (even though these products are often of excellent quality). On sale you can find both very solid samples and obvious fake ones. It is important to purchase this type of spare parts only from trusted and reliable suppliers who have been working in this sphere for many years, so you will be 100% protected from buying a counterfeit auto part or component.

How to find a suitable auto part on the Internet?

Finding the right Aftermarket part today is not a difficult task. Internet allows us to have an access to a variety of online catalogs which include parts and components of different brands and models of cars. Such platforms can also help you with the advice of technically competent sales consultants. In search for interchangeable parts, you need to be prepared for everything. Sometimes, you can find identical parts from two completely different brands such as BMW and Daihatsu. In other cases, similar components for the same car model but released in different years, may not be identical. So it is recommended to contact the professionals for advice, they will definitely help you to find the necessary part.

You should also remember that in some cases the prices of the Aftermarket auto parts produced at the same factory but under different brands, can also differ. Considering that interchangeable components exist in a large variety in the current market, the pragmatic motorists have an opportunity to save some money when looking for new auto parts. You just need to select a part of a certain price category with the required quality characteristics and the sales consultants of Orient Global GmbH will help as best as they can. If you would like to purchase Aftermarket parts from Germany, do not hesitate to contact us.