Car exhaust repair: muffler, catalyst

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The exhaust system, which releases excessive exhaust gases, is not only designed to reduce the noise level produced by the engine, but also to reduce the amount of harmful substances released into the atmosphere, while also preventing toxic gases from entering the interior of the vehicle. In addition to that, the outer part of the muffler serves as an important element of the car exterior.

Some people think the appearance of a loud "bang" is the only negative issue they might experience with their car exhaust system. Contrary to this popular belief a malfunction in the exhaust system can lead to a serious breakdown, decrease the power output of the vehicle, cause problems with acceleration, traction, Revolutions jumps at low RPM or while the vehicle is not moving might suddenly appear, unstable engine operation, harmful gases entering the car interior which can even cause death in some cases.

Spare parts for the exhaust system

If you notice any of these symptoms in the operation of your car (and this may be both a malfunction of the muffler or the catalyst), it is extremely important to quickly diagnose the vehicle. After diagnostic measures of the exhaust system are completed, it might be necessary to repair the muffler, replace the catalyst, corrugation, lambda probe or any other part of the system.

The system consists of the following components: a muffler, an exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter, a lambda probe, all of them are located under the bottom part of the car. The following parts are also used as connecting elements: connecting pipes, gaskets, bracket, clamp, corrugation and O-ring.

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Original and non-original spare parts of the exhaust system

You can order the following types of auto parts in case the vehicle needs to be repaired: Genuine Parts, OEM, Aftermarket and used parts.

Genuine Parts, OEM or original auto parts (more information here). They are produced at manufacturing plants or under a certain brand. This ensures the highest quality possible. Their main disadvantage is that these products usually come at a higher price compared to other categories of spare parts.

Aftermarket or non-original licensed ones (more information here). The quality of these products is quite good which translates into lower cost. They usually come almost 30% lower in price compared to the original spare parts. Unfortunately if your vehicle is still under warranty period it might not be possible to install them without losing the said warranty.

Unlicensed spare parts. They are significantly inferior in reliability to the previous types of spare parts. In addition to that fact, the chances of encountering fake or counterfeit spare parts are quite high as this is pretty common in this market. Their only advantage is their low price. But, as the saying goes: "A miser pays twice." We do not recommend purchasing these types of auto parts.

Used spare parts. Such parts are usually short-lived, since their degree of wear at the time of purchase is unknown, but their low price can entice some customers.

You can buy both original and non-original high-quality parts from us. We guarantee that the products we sell will last quite a long time. Orient Global GmbH supplies auto spare parts from Germany both at wholesale and retail prices.

What type of repair the exhaust system usually needs?

  •  complete replacement or partial repair of the silencer intake pipe;
  •  replacement of the catalyst or its reconstruction;
  • replacement of the particulate filter;
  • repair of joints of elements;
  • replacement of corrugations;
  • repair of muffler resonators;
  • repair of suspension mounts of the silencer.

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