OEM auto parts from Germany

In the modern world, all manufacturing plants of both light vehicles and special equipment assemble equipment mainly from parts, units and assemblies that are produced and supplied by various third-party factories. Such parts are called OEM auto parts and they are considered the same as original or Genuine auto parts. It is important to note that all these spare parts are made according to the current contracts of the equipment manufacturer.

So what auto parts can be considered as original ones?

These are all the components of the transport which is assembled on the conveyor of the manufacturing plant, parts that are sold by an official dealer or original used parts. So, all parts, assemblies and components for them, as well as auto fluids and oils, also made to order, can be original. This means that it is not at all necessary that all these components must be produced directly at the equipment manufacturer. Today, it is much easier to order a part from a reliable and well-established company than to produce each auto part in your own company — this is much more cost-effective for the manufacturing plant. Therefore, OEM parts are in such demand and used not only in large factories, but also due to the lower cost in comparison with Genuine Parts, they are actively bought by companies of all types and levels (auto parts stores, car services, online stores, auto repair shops) as well as many private car owners.

OEM Auto Parts

How to distinguish original auto parts from fakes?

Unfortunately for many companies and private owners, the black market for the fake OEM parts is booming. It is becoming more difficult each year to distinguish original parts from the counterfeit ones. However, you can protect yourself if you know how to distinguish original spare parts of well-known brands, as well as their high-quality counterparts from outright counterfeit.

Our company Orient Global GmbH is an official dealer and distributor and sells OEM parts from Germany. When purchasing products from us, you do not need to distinguish between original auto parts and high-quality certified counterparts from fakes, since we supply only high-quality original parts directly from our partners and factories.

Here are some basic tips that can help you to visually distinguish original spare parts and high-quality certified counterparts from low-quality fakes:

Appearance and weight

Auto parts or accessories such as brake pads, oil filters and spark plugs are very often the target of counterfeiters. To ensure the quality of these parts, it is best to compare them with the genuine ones.

1. It is worth evaluating the following parameters:

  • Weight;
  • Alloy color;
  • The presence of the manufacturer's mark and logo;
  • Correspondence of height, width and other dimensions;
  • Accuracy of geometry.

2. Be sure to pay attention to the packaging. All images and text on the packaging should be clear, not smeared, cardboard should be dense and of high quality.

3. Official certificates. Sometimes a visual inspection may not be enough to distinguish a real part from a counterfeit one. Therefore, the next important step is to verify the certificate of authenticity. If we are talking about OEM parts, the packaging must have a hologram, as well as a unique serial number of the part.

4. But the most important and sure piece of advice is to purchase auto parts only from trusted and reliable suppliers, so you will not have to doubt the quality of the product or its compatibility.

For a long time, Orient Global GmbH has been the official distributor of many auto parts manufacturers, and also has a status of official dealer of many types of various parts. The core of our business is the supply of following products — Genuine Parts and OEM parts from Germany. We also supply Aftermarket parts directly from manufacturing plants.