Original BMW parts for new cars under warranty

Orient Global GmbH supplies original BMW parts for newer cars under warranty directly from the manufacturer. We work directly with many producers of spare parts and offer original Mercedes, Land Rover, Smart and Volkswagen parts at bargain prices.

Original BMW parts for newer cars

Original BMW parts

A brief history of BMW

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is the parent company of BMW concern, based in Munich. This group of companies also includes Rolls-Royce and MINI. Its history begins in 1913 when it was first founded under the brand name Rapp Motorenwerke Gmbh and was originally working on the development of aircraft engines. In 1917, it was renamed to the name we all know today - BMW. The first motorcycle of this brand was introduced in 1923, under the model name R23. In 1928, after the acquisition of Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach, the company has also started to manufacture cars. As a result of the Treaty of Versailles which was signed after the Second World War, the development of new aircraft engines in Germany was banned for several years and the company began actively producing cars. The real success came in the 60s, as the company's brand recognition and popularity started to grow. Even nowadays, BMW cars are still as popular as they were in the 60s. For many car enthusiasts BMW means comfortable, high-quality cars with sporty engines and great driving performance.

You can tailor your own BMW through the official website. Car's performance, price – all according to your individual needs and goals. In addition to selling new cars, BMW also offers used ones for sale.

Do you want to buy genuine BMW parts right now?

All car parts are subjects to constant wear from corrosive substances, thermal or mechanical abuse, and, of course, elements. These parts require regular maintenance and, in some cases, replacement according to the official specifications set by the manufacturer. Failure to do so can cause serious harm to drivers, passengers and others while also increasing the risk of damage to the vehicle.

Maintenance of the brake system is an extremely important part of general maintenance. Especially the brake pads, hydraulic hoses and brake fluids as these need to be changed more often than other components of the system. You can always order original BMW parts for new cars under warranty from us. Our company can offer you great deals at favorable prices. An important thing to note, only Genuine Parts can be used during the warranty period, otherwise you could lose your manufacturer's warranty.

Corrosion is common occurrence in the exhaust system and can sometimes lead to a punctured muffler exhaust pipe. An aggressive exposure to the outside environment can cause gaskets to become brittle. But you can always get these important parts at great prices in our store.

Faulty parts of the electrical system can be the cause of many serious failures and engine malfunctions. It is recommended to regularly check the condition of battery and spark plugs, as well as the car security system. You can buy parts for the exhaust system from Orient Global GmbH.

Order of original BMW parts

Our clients can always order BMW auto parts at low prices from us as we cooperate directly with the manufacturers and always have a stock of important parts. If you are a wholesale customer, just request car parts catalog or price-list. If you only need one part, you can find it by simply providing the VIN of your car, then requesting a price by filling out a simple contact form on our website or by calling us.

We have a wide range of original BMW parts for new cars that are still under warranty. We ship them to our customers in the fastest manner possible, as soon as the order is processed.

Orient Global GmbH also supplies genuine parts for Mercedes, AUDI, Land Rover, Smart, Volkswagen cars under warranty period at great, bargain prices.