BMW parts from Germany

Cars made at the factories of this famous Bavarian company can be often found on the roads of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries. And this variety can be represented by something rare like BMW Isetta or a new crossover BMW X7. The vehicles of this brand are extremely popular among many motorists.

The first cars under this brand were made at the Eisenach plant back in 1928, almost 100 years ago. Founded by Karl Rapp, the concern has come a long way developing amazing technologies while achieving great results at the same time. From the very first years of the founding of the company its slogan has been "Sheer driving pleasure", and in order for this pleasure of driving to not disappear, the car must always be maintained in excellent condition.

Continuous operation of even an excellent BMW car under difficult weather or road conditions can and will inevitably lead to the situation where broken or malfunctioning parts need to be replaced. Fortunately, our experts can make this one an easy task. Just contact the managers of ORIENT Global GmbH, and we will offer you auto parts from Germany at very competitive prices.

For the car owners who would like to save some money on parts for their vehicles, our employees can offer spare parts for BMW from both OEM and Aftermarket categories (you can read more about this type of spare parts here) produced by companies cooperating together with the famous auto giant. Products under the VEMO, SWAG or Nüral brand are in no way inferior in quality to original parts, but they come at lower prices.

Spare parts for BMW

The company's warehouses also have a wide selection of original parts and components for those wishing to purchase parts at slightly higher prices. Their authenticity is assured by the unique branded packaging and the individual number of each BMW spare part.

The availability of parts in warehouses can be easily verified by requesting information, through the request form on our website, or during a conversation with the manager. ORIENT Global GmbH employees make sure that the BMW parts bought by our clients are 100% compatible and are the ones the customers wants. This applies to all types of spare parts: disk brakes, on-board electronics, various pneumatic systems, suspension parts and all other structural elements of the car and its components.

Both wholesale and retail customers of the company are treated equally and offered the same service by the company's managers. Our employees will do their best to help the buyer, suggest suitable options for spare parts and discuss the methods of payment, delivery, preferential terms of the transaction.

During all stages of fulfilling an order you can track the delivery status through our employees. By purchasing spare parts for BMW with the help of ORIENT Global GmbH, buyers receive a guarantee of the quality and can be confident in long-term safety of their vehicles.

If you need BMW spare parts do not hesitate to call or write to us and we will offer you great prices.