Caterpillar spare parts – characteristics and properties of equipment

Caterpillar specializes in auxiliary equipment for the mining, construction, forestry, transportation, refining and other industries, as well as diesel, gas and electric motors. Caterpillar construction machinery is renowned for its reliability and excellent performance; and with every new year, the products of the company advance even further quickly becoming the sales leaders in most European countries.

Spare parts for special equipment Caterpillar

Despite the reliability of Caterpillar, just like any other type of transport or equipment, it still needs to be properly maintained or repaired. Orient Global GmbH is ready to offer the entire range of Caterpillar spare parts in Germany: air conditioning systems, engines and their components, chassis parts, including various units, undercarriage and various types of filters.

Caterpillar spare parts in Germany

You can order any part using the catalog number. We are always ready to send an up to date price list for spare parts upon request. Or alternatively you can find out the prices for Caterpillar spare parts by simply calling us.

We can also offer you Aftermarket spare parts, OEM parts (more here) – a complete range, including various components of the engine block, transmission, as well as electrical, hydraulic, and braking systems. These spare parts are manufactured at factories that have official long term contracts with manufacturers, and undergo a similar level of quality control, while being cheaper at the same time.

Characteristics and properties of Caterpillar equipment

Most of the models of excavators and bulldozers of this company are small in size, and are adapted to perform a variety of work through the use of additional attachments. For example, a Caterpillar mini-excavator with an 86 kW diesel engine has a set of interchangeable equipment that allows it to work in the mode of a hydraulic hammer or a grapple loader.

A distinctive feature of Caterpillar excavators is a comfortable spacious cabin with great all-round visibility, excellent sound insulation, and an ergonomic seat on springs. Heating and air conditioning systems provide comfortable conditions for the operator during any time of the year. Special protection system is activated in the event of a rollover of the machine. The cab is spacious enough to store the necessary tools and personal belongings of the operator. The excavator's engine operates in economical mode, consuming a metered amount of fuel, while at the same time it powers the powerful hydraulic system that powers the bucket and pumps. The machine has high maneuverability, can climb hills, quickly move to any point of the construction site.

Every Caterpillar excavator comes with an accessory kit consisting of multiple buckets, drills and hydraulic breakers. For excavators with the CR index, the slewing platform and the undercarriage are on the same level, which increases the working capabilities of the technical device when working in a small area.

Caterpillar bulldozers are compact, powerful machines that are considered extremely reliable pieces of machinery with exceptional performance.

Sealed track pivots protect against rapid bushing wear, which is important for long term life of the vehicle. Differential steering provides the ability to make quick turns and maneuver in confined working conditions.

But it is important not to forget about periodic service or maintenance of the equipment and carry out timely repairs using only quality parts. If you need any Caterpillar spare parts: pumps, hydraulics, thermostats, universal joints, gaskets, seals, engine spare parts, as well as various types of filters, then you can always find them in our price list.

Caterpillar equipment is supplied through dealerships. Almost all models of Caterpillar special equipment are in high demand due to the extreme reliability of the equipment which often goes even beyond the official warranty period specified in the documents. Still, it is important to carry out the proper maintenance of such equipment on time and repair it in a timely fashion.

Orient Global GmbH not only just sells spare parts from Germany but also offers great working conditions for our customers and partners. We carry out direct deliveries from the largest manufacturers of spare parts, and our time tested approach to the formation of the cost of goods results in affordable and competitive prices. Thanks to our logistical experience, we can ensure optimal and shortest delivery times while also offering favorable cost of service.