Oil filters for modern vehicles: their application, types and advantages

Filters are used in various systems of the vehicle and their primary goal is to remove the contaminants which can often damage your engine or other parts of the car. This small but important product guarantees the cleanliness of the engine oil, fuel injectors, automatic transmission oil and air in the passenger compartment, as well as in the engine block.

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Purchase of an oil filter

The engine oil filter main purpose is to clean the oil from harmful impurities and carbon deposits, protecting the elements of the power unit from an excessive wear. But car owners should remember that a new filter must be installed every time the oil has been changed. Of course, if they want to ensure the longevity of their vehicles. Nowadays there are several types of oil filters on the market.

Their types and common purpose

These products are usually classified according to the main filter element. For example, they can be made of paper, wire or mesh. There also exist rather rare gravity-oil filters. You can still find them on sale even though they are used less often these days.

In modern cars one of the most common types of filters is a magnetic one. They are primarily used on vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. The magnet in the filter collects all the harmful particles and protects the necessary parts.


Each of the oil filters mentioned above has its advantages and disadvantages though. In order to determine which oil filter is the best one, it is necessary to take into account the fact that they are also divided into three additional categories: full-flow, partial-flow and combined oil filters. The first type passes all the oil through itself immediately after you start the engine. It has the simplest design and provides the maximum oil purification. However, it also loses its efficiency rather quickly.

The partial flow oil filter can only clean a certain amount of oil at a time. The advantage of such a filter is that a small volume of oil undergoes several cleaning cycles, which a full-flow filter is not capable of.

The combined oil filter takes the best designs choices of two worlds and uses both full-flow and partial-flow filters. These parts can usually be found in diesel engines and various construction equipment.

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