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Made in Germany.

Orient Global GmbH supplies a huge variety of oils and car fluids from many famous German car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW and Audi, as well as other leading European and world brands directly from manufacturers. The products we sell come in original factory packaging while also offering great prices. In addition to that, the company is the official distributor of original ZF oils, which specializes in making various types of gearboxes.

We have a wide range of oils and technical fluids in stock:

Motor oil — for gasoline and diesel engines (depending on the composition). Various types of oils are available, which are used for both cars and trucks, as well as for special equipment.

Transmission oil is used in vehicles with a manual or automatic transmission as well as in axles, differentials and hypoid gearboxes.

Hydraulic oil is used for special equipment: loaders, tractors, truck cranes, excavators and other types of specialized machinery.

Greases are used in heavy duty machinery, plain bearings, gears, etc.

If you are interested in high-quality engine oil from Germany, or other types of oils and fluids for your vehicle, just contact us. We will send you an up to date price list as soon as possible.

Today, almost any supplier has dozens of different motor oils in stock. How to make the right choice, that´s the question? You can, of course, take into account the opinion of a car service mechanic or find the best option for yourself on the Internet. But will it really be the best option in terms of price and quality, and will it meet all the requirements of your car manufacturer? How and where can you buy motor oil?

Engine oil from Germany

The best motor oils from Germany!

For many car enthusiasts, the main indicator is quality and therefore they choose exclusively engine oil from Germany. And this is understandable, since the German quality is often well above the competition. What is the secret of real German oils, what are they made of? And if all manufacturers, as a base, use the same initial products, what is the peculiarity of motor oils from Germany?

Nowadays, there are not that many basic recipes for oils on the market. Each car manufacturer prescribes the use of oils with certain indicators for their engines, and the main task of the motor oil manufacturer is to meet these requirements. And this unspoken law is valid until, for example, a new generation of engines appears. Therefore, for a sufficiently long period, the main composition of oils does not change. And although the basic ingredients are roughly the same, each manufacturer strives to bring something unique to their product. The use of their own innovative developments allows products not only to meet all the requirements of car manufacturers, but also to significantly exceed their standards.

All German lubricants, motor oils and gear oils, of high quality are made in a similar fashion.

The entire production process takes place under the closest attention of quality control (using laboratory tests for each batch). Starting from the first stage — strict control of raw materials and ending with the analysis of the final product. German manufacturers take into account every detail in the process, including the safe transportation of products and their storage. To accomplish this task they use durable canisters with numerous degrees of protection.

The base products are selected very carefully, only refined oils with the most homogeneous characteristics are used in the production. That contributes to the excellent performance properties and high stability of the final product. Compliance with the exact technology of the process and formulation, the use of innovative technologies, as well as constant monitoring during the production process — all this ultimately allows us to obtain the highest quality engine oil.

How to recognize true German quality?

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Unfortunately, in the modern world, the market for fake and counterfeit auto parts is growing each year, and the engine oils are no exception. And what is probably the worst aspect of this is that it becomes increasingly more difficult to distinguish the original product from a counterfeit one. This is why many companies, recommend you to buy products only from trusted and reliable suppliers. Orient Global GmbH sells engine oils from Germany to both wholesale and retail customers. Our products come directly from the leading factories of many famous European manufacturers. This ensures high quality of goods and attractive prices to the buyer.

Currently, there are quite a few different oils on the market, but it is necessary to use the most suitable for a particular motor, which is recommended by the manufacturer.It is worth noting that there are categories of oils that are called universal, that is, they are suitable for any engine, and the average characteristics of the composition itself are considered optimal. It is, of course, possible to use them, but it is not recommended to do this constantly, since they are not able to provide the maximum benefit for the motor of your car.

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They can be universal both in terms of engine type and in terms of the season of use (winter / summer), but it is necessary to use the most suitable formulations if you want to ensure the longevity of your engine.

Also, you cannot cheap out on the quality of the oil as this might result in future problems which could lead to a serious costly engine repair later on. Motor oils from Germany are a great option in this regard.

If you use the wrong oil, sooner or later it will lead to negative consequences. Many wrongly believe that any oil can be used in their vehicles. But the truth of the matter is, it is necessary to choose the most suitable oil in terms of properties for your particular engine, so it can improve its performance, not harm the car.