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As an official dealer and distributor of spare parts, our company supplies original auto parts for such famous auto brands as Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen. We also work with many partner plants who also produce a large variety of spare parts and car accessories: Brembo, Glyco, ICER, Wabco, TRW, Sachs, Elring, Lemforder, Bilstein, Ferodo, Mann Filter, Saf Holland and many others.

All car owners sooner or later face the problem of a part malfunction, sometimes it might happen even with a new car. Each vehicle needs to be repaired more than once during its service life and in most cases, this repair work involves replacing one or several worn-out, or outright broken parts. Nowadays, you can find any part you want in the current auto market. The parts themselves can be roughly divided into several main groups: aftermarket counterparts, original or Genuine Parts, OEM and the used ones.

Distributor of spare parts

Types of auto parts and their advantages

As a rule of thumb it is generally recommended to buy auto parts only from trusted and reliable stores, to lessen the possibility of running into a fake or low-quality product. All types of parts suitable for replacement are divided into the following types:

1. Aftermarket counterparts. This group includes parts manufactured by an independent, 3rd party company. In terms of quality, such products are often not inferior to the original, but they usually come at a much lower cost.

2. Original products. These are spare parts that are suitable for a particular car brand and are either produced in the same factory or by a third-party dealership that have a license to make these products (OEM). All spare parts are made according to the original designs of the vehicle manufacturer. All of them are under official warranty and come in an original packaging which usually has a unique catalog number. The use of original spare parts will extend the service life of your vehicle and help you avoid the issues with downtime.

3. Used parts. These parts are suitable for those car owners who want to save money on repairs. In this specific case, the used parts must be properly checked before the purchase is finalized. Many of them can last a long time without any serious issues arising, but this is not a guarantee.

When choosing spare parts for a car, you need to approach the matter seriously. Low-quality products can quickly fail, lead to a serious emergency on the road, and you will have to repair the car, again. If you want to replace the parts of the steering system or a gearbox, it is better to use the original or counterparts with a proper warranty from the manufacturer.

Timely car repair can help you avoid many troubles on the road, and, most importantly, not endanger the lives of other people. Car owners are advised to regularly visit the service station, and immediately repair any malfunctions that have arisen.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier and distributor of spare parts? Then contact Orient Global GmbH! We will offer you the best conditions for cooperation and attractive prices for high quality goods. Our company works directly with the manufacturers Brembo, Glyco, Lemforder, ICER, Bilstein, Wabco, TRW, Sachs, Elring!