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Our company, Orient Global GmbH, sells Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket auto parts for the many famous German car brands: BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen. The prices for our products come directly from the manufacturers. Are you interested in original Volkswagen spare parts at bargain prices? If you are, then do not hesitate in contacting Orient Global GmbH. We have been an official distributor and partner of various auto parts manufacturers for many years. This is what allows us to keep our prices at competitive levels.

The modern spare parts market has everything you might need, but most of the parts there are intended for the repair and maintenance of newer equipment or vehicles. This could cause issues for the machinery or vehicles that are out of warranty period or have been in service for a long time. In such cases, Orient Global GmbH will do our best to supply you with high-quality Volkswagen parts for a variety of models.

Volkswagen spare parts

Volkswagen auto parts

Usually we send out an up to date price list upon a request from our clients. But you can always find the necessary spare parts yourself thanks to a convenient search in the product catalog. The original parts will help you to keep the car in its top shape. Replacing mirrors or headlights could transform your vehicle and give it a newer look. The most demanded and popular parts are always in stock.

Our spare parts catalog has information about the year of production of the part, with a photograph and its original ID. This greatly facilitates the search for the desired item or product. Original bumpers and their amplifiers, grilles and moldings – everything that allows you to keep the car in perfect condition and significantly extend its service life can be found at our store. Original Volkswagen auto parts have the highest possible quality as the come directly from the official manufacturer and are made specifically for your model.

Although Volkswagen cars are extremely durable and reliable vehicles, even they need to be repaired from time to time. Some parts need to be replaced or fixed as all of them have their own service life which is influenced by many factors. This is essential for a comfortable and safe operation of your vehicle.

So, where can you buy Volkswagen spare parts at a low prices?

Buying spare parts for your Volkswagen is as simple as it gets if you decide to work with Orient Global GmbH. Our sales managers will do their best to help you find the necessary spare parts, as quickly and efficiently as possible, then process your order and organize a prompt delivery.

These high-quality original Volkswagen auto parts will seriously prolong the service life of your car. A convenient catalog will allow you to find and order the necessary parts without any problems or delays. Our product range is regularly updated with new parts, so you can always find any part you want. Orient Global GmbH works directly with many world famous auto parts manufacturers and can offer the most favorable prices for both our new and old customers.