Genuine German motor oils

Orient Global GmbH works directly with the manufacturers. This allows us to offer Genuine German oils (motor, transmission and hydraulic) at such competitive prices.

You can order automotive oils from Germany online, just call us and we will do our best to offer you the most attractive price. We supply oils of different types for many German car manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen in the original factory packaging.

Vehicle fliuds from Germany

Timely purchase and replacement of engine, transmission and hydraulic oils is a prerequisite for the great, long-term performance of your vehicle. These fluids should be changed fairly frequently due to the significant mechanical loads placed on the moving parts of the engine, transmission and other parts of the vehicle during its operation. By using engine and transmission oils we protect the moving parts of a car from premature wear or failure. Car oils envelop individual parts in the engine and transmission and create a thin cushioning layer, which reduces the load to the surface of the component. All engine oils are divided into synthetic, mineral and semi-synthetic ones depending on their basic composition.

Motor, gear and hydraulic oils today are represented by a wide range of products, which can come from both the world's leading auto companies and smaller, less well-known businesses. These products are always available in various specialized auto stores as well as online. All of them meet the standards that define the degree of environmental and operational safety of fuel and lubricants.

Engine oil is a product used to reduce friction between moving parts of internal combustion engines. They are usually divided into several categories: synthetic, mineral and semi-synthetic ones.

Hydraulic oils are a separate category of fluids used in the various vehicles for creating the necessary pressure in the hydraulic system.

Transmission oils are fluids that are required for lubrication of such car components as gearbox, drive axle, steering and transfer box. They are used for reducing friction losses, protection of transmission parts against corrosion and a heat removal from the system.

It is important not only to choose the right fluid or oil for your car, but also to buy proven, high quality products. Contact our managers if you are looking for a piece of advice on your oil purchase.

Our quality service is made possible thanks to the professionalism of our staff and constant customer feedback, which we always appreciate. Our company tries to provide the most convenient terms of cooperation for all our clients, to simplify, optimize and make profitable buying oils and lubricants directly from us. We provide prompt delivery of goods to any country, be it by road or railroad.

Impeccable business reputation, loyalty to our customers and partners, the best value products - is the foundation of Orient Global GmbH business creed.

You can order car fluids from Germany from the leading car manufacturers online at Orient Global GmbH. We work without intermediaries and offer motor and hydraulic oils at producer prices.