Spare parts for tractors from Germany

Road construction and agricultural work cannot be completed on time without working tractors or road vehicles.

Making the machinery work again is very often a top priority for owners of various special equipment. The specialists of Orient Global GmbH will provide you comprehensive assistance in purchasing all the necessary parts, at the most convenient for you time. You can always buy original spare parts for tractors from Germany through us. We have an official distributor status and sell both original and counterparts, which are presented in a wide range and come directly from world famous manufacturing plants.

If you are a wholesale customer, just ask for a tractor spare parts catalog and the company's managers will send all the necessary information as soon as possible. You can find out the availability or cost of a tractor spare part from Germany by filling out the feedback form on the website or simply by calling us.

Tractor spare parts from Germany

The advantages of ordering spare parts for tractors from our company include high quality and flexible prices, a wide range of products, fast order processing and quick delivery times. For parts arriving at the warehouse, quality certificates are provided upon first request. An attentive approach to each client and comprehensive information on complex issues is the "golden rule" of our organization.

Well-established business relationships with parts manufacturers for different types of tractors help us deliver the goods in the shortest time window possible. Spare parts for tractors from many famous manufacturers: AGCO, Deuts Fahr, Liebherr, John Deere, Caterpillar, New Holland, Hatzenbichler or other lesser known companies are all available on our website.

A large selection of products and components helps us to form a flexible price system for tractors spare parts from Germany, of all types and models. Our product range includes components for special equipment in several price categories. These parts are manufactured under an official license can be a great alternative to relatively expensive original parts while still offering an impeccable quality. If you wanted to purchase original spare parts for the tractor chassis or crankshafts, cylinder blocks, piston kits, gasket sets, various filters, hydraulic lifters, bearings, fuel injection systems, cooling system radiators, fans, oil radiators, hydraulic pumps, thermostats, belts or something else, contact us, we guarantee high quality products and very affordable prices.

Wheels, control devices, transfer case, front axle, propeller shaft or smaller parts and assemblies made at third-party factories also comply with the accepted European norms and quality standards. The manufacturing process uses the best raw materials and innovative industrial equipment to achieve highest possible quality.

A well-functioning delivery of goods to the buyer's destination significantly reduces the downtime of your equipment, so buying spare parts for tractor from us is a quick, simple and profitable process.

Bulldozers, excavators, loaders and tractors restored with said products are very similar to freshly built ones quality wise. Machinery for agriculture and road construction, repaired with quality spare parts, is able to function for many years while still having the same efficiency. In addition, the purchase of spare parts leads to significant financial savings, since the level of prices for them and the cost of buying new equipment are simply incomparable in most cases.

Our managers will help you to choose the necessary tractor parts from a huge catalog of various products. We will do our best to process, complete an order and arrange the fastest delivery method most convenient for you.