Spare parts for special equipment

Our company supplies spare parts for agricultural vehicles and road construction equipment from the world's leading brands. Special business relationships with these companies allow us to have competitive prices for a variety of high quality products. The quality of all supplied products has been tested by clients from all over the world and throughout many years of usage in all types of vehicles. All spare parts have been tested under the most unfavorable conditions and in a hostile environment. This gives the products we sell an edge over competitors or other cheaper counterparts.

Why should you work with Orient Global GmbH?

Extensive experience in the sale of spare parts.

Affordable prices thanks to the direct supplies from manufacturers.

Constant expansion of the wide product range.

Convenient and fast delivery.

Orient Global GmbH sells spare parts for special equipment from Germany for both our wholesale and retail clients. Our portfolio also includes spare parts for agricultural and road construction machinery.


Spare parts for special equipment from Germany

We have a wide selection of spare parts needed for the repair of any special equipment:

  • Tracked undercarriage systems.
  • Spare parts for engines of special equipment.
  • Bits, extensions, attachments and bucket teeth for excavators.
  • Filters for special equipment. You can buy filters for various purposes from us: air, fuel, oil and hydraulic.

And this is just a short list of products sold by our company for road construction equipment, you can familiarize yourself with the full range of the products by requesting the current price list. We supply our customers with reliable, high-quality spare parts for various types of special equipment, which also come at attractive prices.

We carry out wholesale and retail supplies of spare parts for agricultural vehicles:

  • A wide range of spare parts for grain harvesters, tractors, mowers and tillage machines.
  • Rotary two-disc mowers, segment-finger mowers and other modifications.
  • A wide range of belts for agricultural machinery.
  • Hinges for cardan shafts, cardan shafts for reapers and agricultural machines of various types.

Запчасти для техники

We supply spare parts for special equipment (road construction vehicles and agricultural machinery) of the following manufacturers:

Agco - produce a full range of agricultural machinery, as well as spare parts for said equipment;

Atlas Copco - specializes in production of road construction equipment, as well as in the making of construction compressors, diesel power generators and much more. They also have a wide range of parts for road construction equipment;

Claas is the largest German concern that has a full product line of various agricultural machinery;

Case IH. This manufacturer offers a wide range of efficient and productive tractors: Puma, Magnum, Farmall, Steiger, Maxxum, while also producing a large variety of spare parts for tractors;

Caterpillar is a company which mainly specializes in the production of earthmoving and construction equipment. It also produces spare parts for construction equipment and various additional components for them;

Запчасти для сельхозтехники

Deutz-Fahr - a large German manufacturer of agricultural machinery, also produces components and spare parts for tractors and combines;

John Deere is a world famous manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Their wide product range includes: combine harvesters, forage harvesters, tillage equipment, self-propelled mowers, various types of tractors, loaders, cotton harvesters and much more;

Valtra is another large manufacturer of agricultural machinery. They produce tractors, combine harvesters, sugarcane harvesters, self-propelled sprayers and seeders and much more. Valtra also sells many types of spare parts for said machinery;

Renault Agriculture Ltd is a leading tractor manufacturer. Produces spare parts for tractors and all kinds of additional components;

New Holland is a world leader in the field of agricultural machinery, producing tractors, combines, grape harvesting machines. Their product range also includes spare parts for agricultural machines.

If you are interested in direct deliveries of spare parts and components for the various specialized equipment of these manufacturers, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help. Orient Global GmbH will help you with choosing the right spare parts from the large assortment of the previously listed brands, place an order, and pick the delivery method most convenient for you.