Glyco auto parts

Our company works without intermediaries, and offers OEM and Genuine spare parts directly from Germany at favorable prices. We also supply Glyco spare parts directly from the manufacturer.

German company Glyco is the largest manufacturer of high quality bearings. The company has been working in the automotive aftermarket for many years, and since its very inception it has been offering parts of exceptional quality and performance. One of the big advantages of Glyco auto parts is that they offer an ideal quality to price ratio. Constant innovation and introduction of new technologies into production help the company to stay competitive while still having reasonable prices.

Supplies of Glyco products

Glyco is the company that constantly evolves. It uses only high quality raw materials during the manufacturing process. Proven and tested technologies are implemented, when they increase the quality of parts while still having the same or similar price. The bearings offered by the company clearly stand out in the market compared to the offerings from competition. Car owners who have purchased them once, very soon understand how reliable these parts really are and easily become loyal customers of the company. Supply of Glyco parts directly from the manufacturer at low prices is one of the many reasons why our clients choose to work with us.

Glyco spare parts

GLYCO offers a wide range of spare parts for various vehicles. The company manufactures many types of bearings. This is their main line of business in which they have achieved such high levels of proficiency. It is difficult to find better bearings these days than the ones offered by Glyco. One of their best features is not only durability, but also their ease of repair and replacement. This is an important advantage, as these parts are prone to wear and failures due to the constant operation under extreme conditions. The possibility of relatively easy, fast and inexpensive car repair is a huge benefit to many car owners, as not only you will save time but also money.

Besides a wide range of bearings, the company also offers such products as: camshafts, crankshaft bearings, crankshaft disks, connecting rods, bearing shells and other types of spare parts. Glyco auto parts are the products designed for both automotive assembly lines of large car manufacturers and OEM segment of the market (these products are manufactured in accordance with the recommendations and specifications of the original parts, with better prices, while not being inferior in quality).

Our company has a status of official distributor and if you are interested in supplies of Glyco parts at low prices, then do not hesitate in contacting Orient Global GmbH.