Elring auto parts

Our company, Orient Global GmbH, supplies spare parts Elring directly from manufacturers. As an official distributor, we work without intermediaries supplying spare parts from Germany at low, attractive prices.

Due to a wide range and excellent quality of its products, Elring actively strengthens its positions in the automotive industry.

Supplies of Elring spare parts

This German company – ELRING, is the largest manufacturer of OEM and after market auto parts for factory assembled cars. The company can offer you more than 20 thousand items of spare parts for your engine and other car systems. Elring sells a wide range of Aftermarket spare parts for car engines, exhaust systems, gearboxes and drive system elements for various car brands. The company also supplies similar components and auto parts for the overwhelming majority of cars manufactured by Volkswagen, Volvo, Opel, Mazda, Ford and many others. Their production numbers cover 98 percent of European car models and about 60 percent of Asian made vehicles.

Elring auto parts

The company manufactures OEM auto parts and Aftermarket spare parts. Their product line is designed for both passenger cars and trucks. Elring auto parts can be used for repairs of any complexity, and offer high quality and great reliability.

OEM auto parts of this company are the same as the originals ones, but their cost is just a lot more attractive compared to the genuine products. But buyers should be aware of risks when buying car parts from popular brands, as these products are very often the target of counterfeiters. Nanograms, where color of the sticker depends on your viewing angle, and holograms, with their characteristic three-dimensionality and a clearly legible product code, are the main ways of identifying the real products from the false ones.

Buy your car parts from trusted suppliers or distributors if you want to avoid any potential issues with product quality. Orient Global GmbH, as an official representative of this company, supplies Elring spare parts directly from the factory.

Diverse and affordable product range of the company can be suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. It includes engine parts, oil seals, various gaskets, sealants, piston and fuel group parts, steering components, products for cooling and exhaust systems, suspension parts, gear boxes, various filters, belts, engine sensors, shock absorbers, springs, alternator, and much, much more. Car enthusiasts usually consider products of this company among the best on the market.

Whether it is OEM parts or Aftermarket ones does not matter, as all products are of the highest quality with long service life.

Company history

The history of this brand goes back to 1879, when Paul Lechler founded the trading company of technical products in Stuttgart, which was later renamed for ELRING GmbH. In 1885, the first production line was established in Vienna. In 2009, the company celebrated its 130th anniversary.

Nowadays Elring is famous and well-known producer of a wide variety of spare car parts, with more than forty offices in almost twenty countries around the world. Their products come with great price, offer excellent quality and long service life.