Renault spare parts from Germany

This famous automotive company was first founded in 1898 by Marcel brothers. Since the foundation Renault has been achieving impressive results, perfecting its car designs and pushing further and further. Company´s engineers were the first in the world who constructed a discharge compressor, removable spark plugs, brake amplifier, hatchback body and the first minivan in Europe.

Modern Renault cars are popular with many car enthusiasts all over the world due to the high level of comfort for both the driver and passengers, safety and reliability even in difficult weather and road conditions. Maintenance for these vehicles can be extremely easy, all you need to do is to replace the worn out components and parts with the new ones in a timely manner.

The Orient Global GmbH provides professional assistance in this task. We supply spare parts from Germany in different price ranges. Our spare parts catalog includes all the necessary components for the entire model range of the Renault vehicles.

Spare parts for Renault

Hundreds of components and products are always available on sale for such popular car models as Arkana Pulse or Logan. But it does not mean we do not offer products for other models of Renault. Duster cars, Sandero, Kaptur and the entire spectrum of Renault vehicles, parts for all these cars can be found for replacement and are often in stock.

In addition to the Genuine Parts from official factories, the company also sells more affordable spare parts for Renault from the OEM / Aftermarket category. Despite the lower prices, these are still produced from high-quality materials (quality steel, modern advanced alloys and environmentally friendly types of plastic).

Counterparts and spare components from partner factories (Bilstein, Elring, GSP, Metelli S.P.A) designed by them are the result of long-term research and many arduous tests performed on state of the art equipment. Before being launched into production these spare parts are carefully analyzed at a different level of load to make sure that they work properly.

You can choose Renault spare part by your car model, individual part number or a VIN code of the vehicle. The buyer can rely on the proper consultation and advice of the managers or sales assistants considering a certain level of difficulty which a customer can expect during the search of a certain auto part. We send the current price list and all the information you need about a product on request.

Customer cooperation with Orient Global GmbH does not stop immediately after ordering. Our managers can also offer a beneficial to the consumer delivery method and will help you with the documents required for customs control.

We work with both wholesale and retail clients. You can find Renault auto parts wholesale and retail in our catalogs and price lists. In both cases Orient Global GmbH will make you the best offer on the market.