Wholesale auto parts from Germany without intermediaries

The Orient Global GmbH company offers its customers wholesale prices for spare parts from Germany which includes OEM, Aftermarket and Genuine Parts, as well as accessories for passenger vehicles and trucks, special agricultural and road construction equipment.

If you want to buy wholesale of spare parts from Germany without intermediaries, please contact us! Request an up-to-date wholesale price list using the feedback form, or simply by calling us, and we will send it to you by email as soon as possible.

We supply spare parts in bulk from Germany to the many CIS and European countires. Our company offers original auto parts, Genuine Parts, OEM, Aftermarket auto parts at manufacturer prices.

Wholesale of spare parts from Germany

We deliver in various volumes, but for wholesalers we have some special working conditions, intereseting prices and additional discounts. Owners of car services, retail chains and wholesale stores, if your business is related to the sale of auto parts, and you are looking for reliable suppliers who can offer you the best prices or a wider range of quality products, we will be more than happy to work with you. Just ask for a price list and our prices will sure pleasantly surprise you.

Favorable and affordable prices for auto parts are achieved thanks to long-term cooperation with leading manufacturers, which also ensures high quality and reliability of the products sold. When purchasing parts from Orient Global GmbH, you can be sure of the quality of the products, since each part has a certificate confirming strict adherence to official factory production standards.

We supply a wide range of spare parts from Germany in bulk without intermediaries. Our suppliers include world-renowned automotive parts manufacturers, including:

AE — this brand produces engine components for both passenger cars and trucks.

ALCO Filters — manufactures filters for trucks and cars and earthmoving equipment. The extensive range of oil, fuel, air and hydraulic filters includes more than 2500 different types, which are replenished every year. Looking for ALCO filters in bulk, ask for information on prices, we will try to offer you the lowest possible price.

ALCO Filters

Alanko GmbH — specializes in the production of starters, alternators and AC compressors, electric fans, capacitors, wiper motors, heat exchangers, radiators for all types of transport. Produces original and non-original parts.

ATE is one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive safety systems, producing electronic components, chassis control systems, hydraulic braking systems, electronic air suspension systems and various sensors.


AUGER is a company that produces a wide range of cargo spare parts, brake system parts: chassis and engine parts, cooling and clutch system parts, electrical and exhaust system parts, suspension and steering parts, as well as bearings, gaskets, clamps, spring filters and various types of belts. The products of this plant are used in the most popular vehicles: Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, MAN, Iveco, Renault Truck, Setra and many others. If you need wholesale spare parts for MAN or Iveco, we will offer the best and most competitive price.

Champion is one of the world's largest manufacturers of auto parts, components and equipment. A wide range of spare parts: various filters, spark plugs, wipers, wires, brushes and much more.

DPH is a large concern that manufactures a wide range of products (more than 4000 items). Component parts for the engine blocks, gearbox, wheel hub seals, gaskets for exhaust and clutch systems, brake cylinder diaphragms, repair kits for compressors and power steering systems. If you are looking for spare parts wholesale from Germany manufactured by DPH, we can offer you a huge selection of these products.


This is only a small part of the factories of manufacturers with whom we work directly, and in the following articles you can learn about our other suppliers.

If you are interested in wholesale spare parts from Germany without intermediaries, please contact Orient Global GmbH. We supply spare parts for agricultural machinery and road construction vehicles, as well as spare parts for trucks and passenger vehicles (auto parts for BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Opel, Smart, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet and Renault), auto parts from all categories including original and various counterparts (Genuine Parts, OEM, Aftermarket).