Genuine spare parts for German cars

Original spare parts for German cars are always your best bet when it is time for maintenance or you need to repair your vehicle. These parts can always be ordered from Orient Global GmbH, an official distributor of spare parts which works directly with German factories.

The proper maintenance of your vehicle is not a simple matter and includes a whole range of services to keep the car in perfect shape. Its main purpose is to keep all units and parts in good condition. Going through the timely maintenance might reduce the potential wear of all car systems and it can also help to identify new problems in time and eliminate them before these "new" problems turn into a costly repair. Passing the inspection is of course important, but so is the detection of potential issues. You can buy original spare parts for German cars from Orient Global GmbH. We work without intermediaries and supply parts directly from the manufacturers.

Spare parts for German cars

Here's what can be usually included into your typical maintenance:

- Replacement of breaking pads

- Change of brake fluid (or motor oil, antifreeze)

- Change of various filters (air, oil, cabin, fuel filter)

- Wheel alignment check

- Brake force control

- Replacement of shock absorber bushings (silent blocks)

- Replacement of spark plugs

- Replacement of steering lugs

- Ball bearing replacement

- Timing belt replacement

All these auto parts from the list above and more, you can buy at great prices from the official distributor - Orient Global GmbH. Need Genuine Parts for your new German vehicles under warranty? Just contact us. We will send you a price list of the products you are interested in on request (for bulk purchases). If you are making a one-time purchase, just request a price for the part by filling out a simple form on the website, or by calling one of our managers who can help you with the purchase.

We also offer a wide range of other products at great prices, like OEM spare parts for German cars.

Car engine maintenance and repair

Car engine is the heart of the vehicle. Smooth, rhythmic work of this important system relies heavily on proper maintenance and in some cases timely repair with high quality spare parts. Buy genuine spare parts for German cars from us! You will not regret it.

When can you find that your engine has issues:

- During the engine diagnostics;

- At the regular maintenance;

- During the repair;

- During engine overhaul.

Engine maintenance includes an extensive list of various tasks. Let's go through some basic ones: external inspection, start-up, diagnostics, replacement of filters or liquids. The maintenance of the engine, as well as the entire vehicle is performed in accordance with the technical documentation. External inspection helps to find the presence of leaks, abnormal noises, and the condition of other equipment. Start-up allows you to determine the serviceability of the starting mechanisms, and is usually performed during the engine diagnostics.

Engine maintenance service may also include cleaning, flushing of engine surfaces, replacement of consumables and other parts of the system. Adjusting valves and replacing manifold gaskets in some cases can be part of engine maintenance.

Its replacement involves removing the motor from the vehicle. During this process the gasoline engine is disassembled, all parts are washed, and a list of potential issues is made. The price of spare parts and the final cost of the work depends on the supplier. But the best prices are usually found at official distributors. Contact us if you want to purchase quality spare parts for a German car, but do not want to overpay.

The same procedures are carried out on a diesel engine. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the internal combustion engine with a new one (in case of an accident, for example). You can order both individual spare parts for your engine as well as the whole unit from our company.