Spare parts for special equipment — types of construction equipment

Even the most reliable piece of equipment can break. In this case you need to think about where to find the right parts for your machinery. We supply spare parts for construction equipment from Germany. Our catalog includes many products of the following well-known manufacturers: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr, Atlas Copco and many others. If you are interested in direct deliveries of spare parts and components for the products of these manufacturers of construction equipment at competitive prices, please contact us. We are always ready to send you an up to date price list for the spare parts.

Spare parts for construction equipment

Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr and Atlas Copco specialize in various auxiliary equipment for the construction, forestry and transportation industries. All of these types of construction equipment are renowned for their reliability and excellent performance. And with each new year, these specialized vehicles and pieces of machinery become even more robust, constantly improving. They quickly become the sales leaders in most countries due to the technological advantages and innovations. These types of equipment still require fresh spare parts in case of a failure. It is extremely important to carry out the repair and maintenance of this special equipment in a timely manner, this will ensure a long term performance of your vehicles.

Spare parts for construction equipment from Germany

One of Orient Global GmbH main lines of business is the provision of spare parts and components to organizations with a large park of heavy duty machinery and equipment. The huge variety of products offered by us comes from many well-known manufacturers of high-quality spare parts, units, assemblies and various types of filters: Caterpillar (USA), Komatsu (Japan, USA), Liebherr, Atlas Copco and many others. If you are looking for spare parts from Germany for special equipment at low, competitive prices, please contact us, we will be glad to help.

We supply spare parts for construction equipment. Direct deliveries from the world's largest manufacturing plants, transparent pricing and well-thought-out logistics — all this allows us to offer the best conditions and prices for our clients.

Warehouses in Germany allow us to supply the necessary spare parts for construction equipment in the shortest possible time, which in turn helps with avoiding long downtime of special equipment and financial losses in some cases. Today Orient Global GmbH successfully cooperates with many enterprises in Europe and CIS countries, who have already appreciated the work of our company. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation, quality products and favorable prices. Our clients include forestry, road-building, mining, agricultural enterprises, as well as private customers from all over Europe and the CIS countries.

Construction machinery

The construction of civil and industrial facilities is an extremely complex process, which is impossible to accomplish without the use of special equipment and technology. When erecting a building, special equipment is always used. And in many cases some types of specialized machinery can be seen more often than others.

As already mentioned, a variety of equipment can be used during the work, for example, a compressor. However, almost no construction site is complete without an excavator, which digs and mixes the soil with a large or small bucket (dimensions depend on various factors) to create a foundation or for other purposes. Excavators are divided into various categories by the type of equipment installed on vehicles, chassis, suspension design or by the type of drive. The choice depends on various factors (budget is being one of them). This type of machinery can be used for many purposes, ranging from small works with a micro-excavator to large operations for prolonged periods of time.

Another type of equipment that you cannot do without is special loading and unloading vehicles. As the name suggests, this type of transport is used to move all kinds of goods and building materials from one point to another. Moreover, this type of machinery can be equipped with various working devices, for example buckets, crane equipment, etc. In the construction of country or city houses, wheel loaders, small-sized loaders, bulldozers-loaders can be used. They can transport bricks, blocks or soil, as well as other materials.

And of course, you can't do without machines for working with concrete and other solutions. Such machines are divided into three main types: for preparing concrete solutions and mixtures, for delivering said solutions to the construction site, and lastly, for laying them. Pile technology is usually used in serious construction projects. No construction would take place without these types of machinery and special equipment though.

The quality of the work performed also depends on the quality of the equipment. Therefore, it is important to timely repair your vehicles using only high-quality parts and components. Managers of Orient Global GmbH will help you select spare parts for special equipment from a large variety of products which come from many time proven manufacturers. We will help you with placing an order, as well as offer the most convenient delivery option specifically catered for you.