Genuine parts directly from Germany at bargain prices

Spare parts, various units and components of any vehicle, even the most expensive ones, all require a periodic maintenance, repair or replacement. We recommend to buy original spare parts only from trusted suppliers.

Our company, Orient Global GmbH, sells Genuine spare parts directly from Germany at favorable prices. We supply Genuine and OEM auto products to all European countries.

Original car parts directly from Germany

When searching for spare parts, you might encounter certain websites that will offer you to buy Genuine products at unprecedented low prices. The cost of such parts can sometimes be two times lower than the price of original auto parts! But you should be extra careful in such cases, as the saying goes – a miser pays twice, these are definitely NOT Genuine nor OEM auto parts. They are simply fakes or counterfeit ones, waiting for another victim to spend money on them.

To determine the "pedigree" of an auto part at a glance can be quite difficult not only for a regular buyer, but even for a professional. But it is extremely important to choose your spare parts carefully, because their quality affects not only your car and your life but also the lives and vehicles of other road participants.

Products of well-known manufacturers (Genuine Parts, OEM/Aftermarket ones) are always tested for quality and operational safety, and go through various phases of rigorous testing.

There are many strong arguments in favor of buying Genuine parts:

- Safety and reliability of the vehicle;

- High quality of parts/components and longer service life;

- Full compatibility of spare parts with your car;

- 100% guarantee that all spare parts will "fit like a glove";

- Longer warranty periods, which are provided directly by the manufacturer;

- Minimum difficulties or errors when choosing your parts, as all of them have their own code number, and each vehicle also has its own VIN-code;

- Wide range of products (manufacturer provides all components, parts and units, released from the assembly lines, regardless of the year of manufacture of your vehicle);

- Only original spare parts should be used when repairing cars which are still warranty.

As you can see, there are plenty of arguments in favor of buying genuine car parts, and these were only the most important ones. But like everything in life, there are always some trade offs. These spare parts usually come at a greater cost compared to OEM/Aftermarket ones. But by buying these products directly from the manufacturers, or official distributors, you can save a decent amount of cash. Orient Global GmbH sells Genuine spare parts directly from Germany at favorable prices. We deliver our products directly from the manufacturers to all European and CIS countries.
Manufacturers of counterfeit spare parts often take advantage of this high price to dupe and deceive less knowledgeable car owners. They also are getting better and better at recreating the appearance of original products. But keep in mind that even if the fake parts look similar to the genuine ones, it does not mean that such parts will function and serve as long as the original ones.

For the manufacturers of counterfeit products, using the logo of a well-known manufacturer is one of the sure ways to get higher profits and increase their sales. Unknown brands that are not certified to TÜV/ISO standards do not sell very well in our world of large brand names. But if you put the trademark of a well-known company on the product, its value will increase by an order of magnitude. These "businessmen" make huge profits deceiving thousands of car owners, also because even if their product is faulty, the customer has no place to complain, as nobody will replace it, and of course, getting your money back is simply mission impossible without involving lawyers.

Why do Genuine parts cost so much?

This question is probably the most commonly asked one by many car owners. Certain car enthusiasts believe that when buying a product of a well-known brand "X", they basically pay just for the brand name. But is it really so? And is it worth overpaying for a certain part or just go with a simpler, cheaper option?

The famous car manufacturers spend a lot of money on R&D (research and development) of their products, as well as on strict quality control of their products - these costs will significantly increase the price of the final product. While the manufacturers of counterfeit spare parts do not have to go to such extremes. In addition, if a manufacturer is responsible for its products and provides a warranty, the company can not afford to use the materials of poor quality or with unproven characteristics in its production. The risk of reputation loss is simply too high. And of course, many famous manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort on modernizing their production lines, introduction of new technologies, as well as expansion of production capacity and product range. In the end, the price of the Genuine car parts does not seem to be that unreasonable.

What car parts are most often counterfeited?

Unfortunately for those car owners who were looking for a simple answer, fake spare parts can be found among all types and categories of auto products. Counterfeit products cover almost all automotive consumables - filters, gaskets, even light bulbs. Such important components as suspension elements, brake pads and discs are also not an exception. In the next article we'll talk about how to distinguish the counterfeit products from the original ones. But our main recommendation is to buy auto parts only from the trusted suppliers. Our company supplies original parts directly from Germany at great prices.