Original BMW auto parts

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Sooner or later each BMW owner faces the problem of choosing spare parts for repair or maintenance of the vehicle. Genuine, non-original or used – which ones to buy?

Original BMW parts from Germany

Why is it important to buy original BMW parts?

Visually, a counterfeit product can be nigh indistinguishable from an original one, which makes it very difficult to identify a fake spare part (especially so without certain knowledge and experience). With non-original parts it is also not so simple. There is never a 100% guarantee that the auto part will match your car perfectly. The safest way to purchase replacement products for your vehicle without any risks is to simply buy auto parts from official dealers. Orient Global GmbH supplies auto parts from Germany at manufacturer's prices and is an official distributor of a wide range of various auto products.

Nowadays you will hear a plethora of reasons to buy or not to buy Genuine auto parts. Both camps provide plenty of evidence and convincing arguments in favor or against Original spare parts. Proponents of original auto parts are convinced that only using the "Genuine ones", you can be fully confident in long term health of vehicle. In addition to that, to achieve the reliability, durability, functionality and technical parameters originally set by the car manufacturer, you will always need to replace the defective parts with Genuine ones made by the original manufacturer. But the opponents assure that the quality non-original alternatives function the same, have similar quality and also come at a much better price.

How to distinguish the original BMW parts form the counterfeit ones?
The packaging of the product, its appearance and BMW logo will help you to distinguish a fake auto part from the original.

1. Everything starts with the packaging

- The material of the package itself is of high quality, with clear lettering

- The package is securely closed, and the item itself is well-protected

- Dimensions of the packing correspond to the size of the spare part

2. Visual appearance of the auto part itself

- The part is made from high quality materials accurate and has no signs of mechanical damage or production defects

- The required protection is present on glass, plastic, metal or other parts of the product

- The labeling can damage neither the surface of the part, nor its functionality, since it is located in the optimal place (on the non-visible side of the part etc.)

3. Identification markings

- If the numbers do not meet the manufacturer's standards or if there are obvious errors, for example, in the name or even date format, then it is clear, this product is not a real one.

- There are standard sizes of labels on packages of original BMW parts and they are usually located in certain places

- Large cardboard boxes are marked with two identical labels in specific places

4. Check list for stickers and inscriptions for BMW parts

1. BMW logo and barcode
2. VIN code of the spare part
3. Product names in different languages
4. The packaging indicates the number of products and their unit of measurement.
5. QR code with text and URL
6. Manufacturer's name and address
7. Country of origin of the spare part
8. Supplier/plant number
9. Date of packing or batch number
10. Corporate identity and text on the original BMW part

The counterfeit auto parts might not cause damage to your vehicle in the short term. But these products can cause serious issues later down the line, because in pursuit of high profits, counterfeit manufacturers will often cut corners and use the cheapest materials while also neglecting the proper quality control. The use of such components is not only harmful for your car, but it also endangers the life of your passengers and the lives of other traffic participants.