Aftermarket spare parts from Germany at low prices

Orient Global GmbH has been successfully cooperating with Europe's leading manufactures for a very long time which gives us a unique opportunity to sell non-original spare parts from Germany at low prices. Our company has a status of official distributor for the sale and distribution of a wide variety of popular auto parts.

Non-original spare parts (OEM and AFTERMARKET) are very reliable, high quality products which can be safely installed in your vehicle. The difference between non-original and original parts is that the company that produces them has no official agreement with the car manufacturer for their supply and they are produced under their own brand.

Aftermarket Spare Parts at affordable prices

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). For many car owners, these spare parts are probably the best option for the non-original parts, because they are produced on the same assembly line as the original ones, but come at a lower cost. The OEM simply doesn't have a branded packaging or markings from the manufacturer's brand. The 3rd party spare parts are much cheaper than the originals which makes them a good alternative in most cases. But you should also know that these products might not cover the whole spectrum of spare parts necessary for the repair of a particular vehicle.

The main piece of advice when buying non-original parts is to purchase them from reliable and verified suppliers, not from some suspicious online shops. Unscrupulous sellers, of course, can attract their customers with lower prices, but at the same time, this can lead to a car owner buying a counterfeit product. You can always buy non-original parts from Germany at great prices from us, Orient Global GmbH.

Non-original spare parts

Aftermarket spare parts are well-proven products of many famous brands, produced under their own brand. These products fully cover the secondary car market of spare parts and feature all the necessary parts for any type of repair while being "wallet friendly" at the same time.

These may be the products of such famous brands as BOSCH, AE, ALCO Filters, ATE, AUGER, Bilstein, BREMBO, Champion, ContiTech, ERA, Elring, FEBI, FEBEST, FERODO, Glyco, Goetze, HELLA, ICER, TRW and many others.

Branded spare parts are spare parts which are produced by famous manufacturers and delivered in original packages, suitable for installation on any type of vehicles. These are quality non-original spare parts from such companies as BOSCH, MANN-FILTER, Hella, VAICO, VDO, VEMO, WABCO, Optimal, SACHS, SAF-Holland, etc. Although these manufacturers are not official suppliers of the automaker, their products are more than good enough for the majority of car owners, and can offer a great quality to price ratio.

The degree of quality might vary depending on the brand. If a company is an assembly line supplier, the packaging is going to be labeled *Brand name*-OEM.

Replacement spare parts are aftermarket products produced by lesser known companies, which are often characterized by a budget friendly price. This category usually has the lowest quality non-original auto parts.

Our company works with all types of clients: wholesalers, retail chains and service stations, as well as with private car owners. We can offer our customers all these products at competitive prices. Just ask one of our managers for a price list and we will send you one as soon as possible. Or just call us to find out the current price of the spare part you are interested in.

So if you are looking for quality OEM, Aftermarket, Branded non-original parts from Germany at low prices and in need of reliable suppliers, feel free to contact Orient Global GmbH. We will be glad to help.