Buy New Holland spare parts from Germany

New Holland is a large manufacturer of various self-propelled special equipment and construction, agricultural vehicles. The company offers an impressive and diverse range of products produced under its brand. New Holland tractors come with an engine that can offer excellent technical performance and increase the functionality of the vehicle.

The company started out as a small farm equipment repair business back in 1895. Founded over a century ago, it has grown to an international level producing many goods which are developed in its own research center.

The modern technology of New Holland is produced according to the most innovative technologies and undergoes a series of various comprehensive tests, which ensure the excellent technical characteristics and durability of final products which many customers value.

High-quality and efficient provision of New Holland tractors with spare parts are the main reasons for long-term and productive work of special equipment. Experienced specialists of Orient Global GmbH will help you to solve any problems with the selection and delivery of New Holland spare parts.

New Holland Spare parts

Call us or fill out a simple form on our webpage to find out the information about the parts you are interested in (availability, price etc). If you want to purchase products at wholesale prices, ask for the New Holland spare parts catalog or the current price list from our managers.

It is rather easy to select the necessary parts yourself if you are using the catalog or price list. But it can be even easier to accomplish if a competent and friendly manager does this for you.

The competent management of Orient Global GmbH is what motivates our customers to buy spare parts for New Holland tractors from us. Constant contractual relations with manufacturers of original, licensed parts as well as various counterparts solve any problems with the selection and search of these products.

Depending on individual requirements, it is quite possible to purchase the necessary units and parts for New Holland 8040TV, 7060, 110 and other types of tractors in a relatively short period of time. New Holland certified spare parts for the fuel system, chassis, electrical equipment (as well as idlers, crankshafts, bearings, gasket sets, various filters, cylinder blocks, bushings, liners, hydraulic lifters, fuel injection systems, cooling radiators, fans, piston kits, oil coolers, hydraulic pumps, thermostats, belts) or housing elements all come at very affordable prices. The final cost of products we offer is noticeably lower during promotions. For our regular customers Orient Global GmbH has a flexible discount system in place.

Components manufactured under an official license are a great alternative to relatively expensive original parts.

The decision to buy New Holland spare parts from Germany is economically justified by the guaranteed quality of products, and most importantly, by the confidence in the long-term operation of the equipment after a repair even under the most harshest of conditions.