Which parts should I choose for my Land Rover - Genuine or Aftermarket ones?

At Orient Global GmbH you can buy both Genuine spare parts Land Rover as well as OEM and AFTERMARKET ones at great prices, as we work directly with the manufacturers.

The usual recommendation of many car manufacturers is that you should always, when possible, use Original parts for you vehicle. The same goes for Land Rover (Range Rover) SUVs, where you should also buy Genuine Land Rover auto parts, because they are specifically designed for your vehicle, and due to perfect compatibility and high levels of reliability, which will certainly show their benefits in the long-term.

Land Rover spare parts

Does that mean that other options do not exist and that you should only buy Genuine spare parts Land Rover? Or is it still possible to replace some of the components with non-original products? When can you save money by going OEM route, and in which cases should you only use the Genuine Parts? Let's find out.

Land Rover auto parts

The auto giant, as well as almost all automakers in the world, produces only a small portion of the necessary spare parts at its own plants (these products are called Genuine). The rest of the parts and consumables (fluids, oils or filters) are very often supplied by other third-party manufacturers. These products are carefully tested and supplied under the official contract with car manufacturer. They are used during the first assembly at the factory and although these parts are produced by other brands or companies, they are also considered Original or Genuine components.

Genuine spare parts Land Rover provides a full product range of various replacement parts, especially when a car owner has no other alternative.

Why is it better to use Genuine Land Rover auto parts?

There are several reasons in favor of using them.

Reliability and Safety
Genuine Parts are reliable, top quality products that provide 100% safety for the driver, passengers and other participants of road traffic.

Long service life
Genuine auto parts are more reliable and durable. They are manufactured and developed with the use of latest technology, tested under the most extreme conditions for extended periods of time, all of this results in a longer service life of the final product.

High-quality parts without any risks
By purchasing genuine parts and installing them according to the manufacturers' recommendations, the risk of any issues regarding your vehicle reduced to a minimum. These are the most reliable parts that work with the highest precision and perform their functions perfectly. By choosing these products you can be sure that your car will serve you for a long time.

The only significant disadvantage of these types of products is, of course, their cost. But the price of Genuine Land Rover parts can be much lower if you buy them directly from the official distributors, such as, Orient Global GmbH.

In some cases you can still save a little on spare parts, as using the original expensive parts simply does not make sense and going with an alternative product is a much more sensible choice.

What non-original spare parts can be used without any risks for your SUV?

- Cabin air filters. Products that come from MANN-FILTER are considered one of the best on the market. MANN+HUMMEL is one of the leading filter manufacturers in the world. They manufacture car products of the highest quality and constantly cooperate with many auto giants. And since the original costs almost twice as much, it makes little sense to buy it when the alternative is pretty much the same quality wise.

- A wide variety of oils, including those used in the gearbox. We are the official distributor of the famous brand ZF and deliver their products without intermediaries. The company can offer various Original oils, including oils for different types of transmissions.

- If your car is no longer under warranty, it very often makes sense to go with the non-original products such as suspension parts, silentblocks, turbines and others in order to save money.

Non-OEM parts - these are also high quality products, which simply may not feature a brand name and packaging (like those of OEM parts), or they may be produced under their own brand (Aftermarket) or are made by little-known companies.

At Orient Global GmbH you can buy all types of parts for your Land Rover: non-original, OEM, Aftermarket and Genuine ones at the lowest prices. We work directly with car factories and are official distributors of many famous brands. Call us or fill out a web form and see for yourself.