Original parts for new cars still under warranty period

Orient Global GmbH can offer you direct deliveries of Genuine and OEM auto parts of any volume, be it a single product or a wholesale order. We sell Genuine Parts for new vehicles of various famous car brands: Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Smart, Land Rover at favorable manufacturers' prices.

Genuine Parts for new vehicles

Are you looking for a place where you can buy original car parts? Because it's easier than ever to find all the necessary car products nowadays. You don't need to go to a repair shop or a local car service center or spend hours comparing prices at different traditional car stores. Everything can be found and ordered online, and what's probably the most important part, at better, lower prices.

You can buy all types of car parts online: new and used parts, Genuine or OEM (Aftermarket ones), products of the highest quality and something more budget oriented. This way of acquiring parts is extremely popular these days, as car owners can save both time and money simultaneously. The number of people who want to quickly and inexpensively buy the necessary auto parts online for their vehicles grows tremendously every year.

Orient Global GmbH is working with all types of customers: large companies, service shops and car dealers, and, of course, private car owners. You can order any part online from us, including original spare parts for new cars: Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Smart, Land Rover and others. You can simply call us or send a request form through our website, and if you are satisfied with the price of the product you are looking for, we will send it to you without any delays and in any convenient way.

Why should you buy Genuine spare parts?

These products usually have 100% compatibility with your vehicle, are made of high quality materials, and last much longer than some cheaper counterparts. The use of cheap Aftermarket or used parts can very often come with a lot of risk and car owners are gambling with the safety of their own vehicles, their lives and putting many participants of road traffic in harm's way. With original car parts these risks are mitigated to a minimum.

By buying genuine products you can expect:

- High quality parts. These will have a long service life;

- 100% guarantee of compatibility. They should work without any issues.

The genuine car parts are the same as the parts that were used by the manufacturer at the initial stages of car assembly and have certain distinctive features:

- Manufacturer's original packaging;

- Original catalog number for each part;

- Official logo of the manufacturer;

- Place of origin and where the part was made.

The catalog number of the auto part and the brand logo can usually be found on the part itself, as well as on its packaging. You should work only with reliable suppliers if you want to be sure in the quality of products. Our company, Orient Global GmbH, has been on the automotive aftermarket for a long time, and for many car brands we serve as official representatives.

We can help you easily find Genuine or OEM parts online, i.e. parts recommended by the manufacturer for installation in new cars. But what is the difference between Genuine and OEM auto parts?

Genuine spare parts for Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Smart, Land Rover have a certain brand logo and a specific catalog number. Their quality is guaranteed by the automaker himself. OEM parts are quite often made by the same factories as the original parts, but the package design and logos can be different and usually feature the manufacturer's brand name (for example, TRW, FEBI, Lemfoerder, ATE) and have their own catalog number. Their quality is very similar to the Genuine Parts, but these products are sold directly from the manufacturer, which also supplies its products to the assembly line of various auto giants. High quality Aftermarket spare parts come at a more attractive price, but does not have the original packaging. When choosing a replacement part for a new vehicle, we recommend using only original products, otherwise you may lose the manufacturer's warranty.

You can order any parts from Orient Global GmbH. Just call us or order the things you want from our shop. Our product range also includes original parts for new cars under warranty period from: Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Smart, Land Rover. We will choose the best option for you and your vehicle, be it a new car or an old "work horse".

Parts are picked up by the VIN number of the car, which clearly defines its configuration, features and equipment. This way the risk of error or part incompatibility is completely eliminated.