Motor oils for car engines

We offer high quality oil products of different European and other brands at manufacturer prices. Genuine motor oils from Germany for your Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi vehicles all come with original packaging straight from the factory. We also sell ZF motor oils at very attractive prices. Just call us and see for yourself!

Genuine engine oil from Germany

Modern engine oils, regardless of the type, must have high detergency against a variety of hard-to-dissolve contaminants. This is extremely important for engine's cleanliness and its optimal performance in the long term. These types of fluids must also exhibit increased thermal and thermo-oxidative stability. Such characteristics are necessary for the effective cooling of pistons and other elements of the car engine. Great engine oil can significantly increase its service life and reduce the wear of individual components at the same time.

Motor oil is one of the most popular products among car owners. It is made by both well-known auto giants and smaller, less well-known brands. This product can be purchased in various specialized auto stores or you can simply order it online. For some car owners it might be more convenient to change oil at a car service center or station, but it will certainly cost more in this case.

You can order engine oils from Germany online for the leading German car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen from us, Orient Global GmbH.

Our company makes supplies of motor oils directly from the manufacturing plants and works without intermediaries, so we can offer original motor oils from Germany at such low prices. This also includes products for different types of ZF transmissions.

The service life of an internal combustion engine largely depends on the proper maintenance and replacement of broken or faulty parts, and, of course, on your selection of motor oil. It is very important to not try to save money on products that are so important for the longevity of your vehicle. In our case, this includes original motor oils from Germany.

All engine oils, regardless of the brand or the manufacturer, are divided into several categories. The unified classification of these products makes the process of selection and buying so much simpler. Whether you are an experienced driver or new car owners, this reduces the risk of buying the wrong oil to a minimum.

To buy engine oil today is very simple, you just need to know precisely what you want. Oils used in reciprocating and rotary internal combustion engines are divided into several types: mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Each type of engine usually needs a specific product for its optimal performance. In order to avoid a mistake when choosing the right fluid, you can always buy a universal motor oil, which works equally well with both gasoline and diesel engines.

It does not matter whether it is the genuine oil from the leading car manufacturer or some less known company, the basis of both products is almost identical. The difference usually manifests itself when it comes to the use of certain additives. It is these additives that can significantly change the chemical and operational characteristics of the final product. And that's where original German motor oils are beyond competition.

Depending on the type and amount of additives used, all engine oils can be divided into all-season, summer and winter categories. This difference is important to know if you want to avoid more intensive engine wear.