Where can I buy Original brake pads at low prices?

Many car owners wonder - is it possible to buy Genuine brake pads from Germany at low prices? The answer is, obviously, yes. Just contact Orient Global GmbH. As we cooperate directly with the manufacturers and work without intermediaries, our company can supply OEM and Genuine products from the many famous auto giants at their official prices. We carry out deliveries of any volume and work with both private customers, small and large businesses.

Genuine Brake Pads from Germany

Brake pads together with friction pads, drums, return springs and a backing plate are all part of a drum brake system. Drum brakes do not need their friction system components to be replaced as often as, let's say, disk brakes. Due to the special design, these parts are a subject to less stress during the operation of your vehicle.

Brake pad Failure and Maintenance

Periodic checks of the car brake system are extremely important, not only because you will be allowed to be part of the traffic, but also because of road safety for all participants of said traffic: drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Lack of regular inspections can lead to sudden brake failure. You may discover this unpleasant "surprise" during a technical inspection, which will make passing it an impossible task, or in the worst case, while driving. No matter the quality, all parts break or fail sooner or later, and that's when it's time to think about a replacement.

The factors that contribute most to brake pad failure:

- Improper use or driving style.

- Improper installation.

- Poor part quality or simply defective product.

Sometimes problems with drum brakes can also be the result of pressure drop in the brake system, malfunctions in the ABS system, damage to the control and brake valves or brake cylinder leaks.

It is extremely important to purchase only high quality brake pads, as these small parts save millions of lives every day. Orient Global GmbH can easily help you with the online order of Genuine brake pads from Germany for BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Smart, Audi, Opel, Volkswagen.

Advantages of buying Genuine auto parts for your vehicle:

- full compatibility and longer service life;

- quality guaranteed by the car manufacturer;

- wide range of products (manufacturer covers the whole range);

- minimized risk of errors during the selection and purchase of parts;

- only genuine brake pads should be used if your vehicle is still under warranty.

Frequently asked questions when it comes to Brake Pads

The cost of brake pads

The usual price of brake pads often starts at 30 euros, but it can change considerably depending on the car type, manufacturer, and, of course, whether we are talking about OEM or Genuine products. Obviously, the original brake pads from Germany for BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Smart, Audi, or Volkswagen cars will cost significantly more than similar OEM or Chinese-made spare parts, but sometimes the quality might justify the price.

What are the first signs of brake pad wear?

The main signs of wear on these parts are a weakening of braking force and a deterioration in the response of the entire system to the brake pedal. The thinner the brake pads, the worse their braking performance will be. If the component reaches a certain level of wear, you might also hear very a specific sound coming from your brakes when trying to stop the vehicle.

Which brake pads should you choose for your car?

When selecting brake pads, it is worth paying attention to whether they are specifically designed for your car model (year of manufacture, part version etc.). Drum brakes can be slightly different depending on the revision of the car. And although the purchased parts might seem like they were made for your car model, in reality, they may end up not being compatible with the vehicle. Car owners should pay extra attention to part compatibility, as incorrectly matched spare parts can cause premature wear or lead to various problems, such as overheated brakes and weaker braking force.

Purchasing Genuine brake pads by your vehicle VIN code should minimize all these risks.