All you need to know about disc brakes

You can always order genuine brake discs at Orient Global GmbH. We make direct deliveries of spare parts from Germany at factory prices for many European car brands: Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Smart and others.

Nota Bene. If you decide to replace some component of your still under warranty vehicle, you must remember to buy only original brake discs (or other parts), otherwise the car will lose its warranty.

Genuine Brake Discs

Brake Discs: Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my brake discs?

According to experts, the average life of these auto parts usually hovers around 70-80 thousand kilometers. The recommended service life can be found in the technical documentation for your vehicle, but these figures are rather relative, as everything depends on your driving style. If you prefer a more, let's say, dynamic style, the discs will not last more than 40-50 thousand kilometers. This fact is worth remembering, especially in the context of economical driving. Unlike brake pads though, discs last much longer. But the general rule of thumb is that every second brake pad replacement should be done along with the replacement of your brake discs.

What are the usual symptoms of brake disc wear?

The main sign of an excessive wear on these parts is a (noticeable) decrease in the efficiency of braking. If your car needs a much greater distance to stop completely or the brake pedal has to be pressed harder than usual, than it is time to replace your discs. Others signs can also be felt on some severely damaged discs. When braking, you may feel slight (or not) vibrations on the steering wheel.

How to choose the right brake discs for your vehicle?

First of all, it is important to emphasize that if you have a new car under warranty, and you have decided to upgrade it, make sure you buy only the original auto parts. You can always order the original brake discs for your Mercedes or BMW from us.

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If you want to be sure of your car's great performance (even after a repair), then only order your spare parts from a reliable supplier.

Selecting brake discs should be based on your specific car model. When selecting suitable discs, you should pay attention to the number and spacing of wheel bolts, as well as the disc diameter. The brake discs are usually available in standard, ventilated and drilled designs. As you can see, there are many nuances, which should be considered when buying discs. But do not forget the basic rule - ordering spare parts by VIN code will ensure 100% compatibility.

How can I replace the brake discs in my vehicle?

It is necessary to replace the discs every 70-80 thousand kilometers (the approximate service life is indicated in the technical documentation of your car), but it can vary heavily depending on your driving style. If you feel vibration when braking or notice uneven wear on your brake disks then it is time to replace them. Don't forget that you need to replace the brake discs in pairs.

Replacing them is not that difficult but it is best to contact a professional car service, where experienced specialists will do everything promptly and at a high level. After replacing these parts, new discs require a certain period of bedding or breaking in.

How much do brake discs cost?

The prices for sets of brake discs can vary greatly going from just 50€ to several hundreds. Conventional discs (i.e. steel, cast iron) are of course much cheaper than, for example, carbon or ceramic ones. Carbon and ceramic parts are more wear-resistant, offer better heat dissipation and efficiency, but the cost is quite high. The price will also depend on the model of your car, the design of the disc (drilled or slotted cost more), the manufacturer, and whether you prefer OEM or genuine auto parts.

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