Original German brake discs at low prices

Where can I buy original brake discs from Germany at low prices? It is recommended you contact an official distributor, to ensure that the quality of the product stays high and the price you pay stays low. There are many companies that sell auto parts these days: online stores and more traditional auto stores all deal with a wide variety of spare parts, and it is extremely important to choose a reliable supplier, to avoid a potential headache in the future.

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Genuine brake discs from Germany

We work directly with the manufacturers and have a status of an official distributor for a wide variety of brands, such as: Sachs, Lemforder, Brembo, Bilstein, Elring, Mann filter, Wabco, Ferodo, Glyco, ATE, Icer, Saf Holland and many others.

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Brake Discs

The brake disc is the main and most important part of the braking system. They are usually made of cast iron as this metal is very resistant to various adverse conditions, which often occur under the influence of extremely high or low temperatures.

But choosing the correct material is only part of the whole process. Proper manufacturing techniques and compliance with different technological standards are also extremely important, as incorrect casting can lead to excessive porosity of the cast iron, which in turn can lead to many issues and result in a catastrophic failure of your brake disks.

Which brake discs should I choose?

In addition to standard discs, there also exist many non-standard designs with excellent performance:

- Ventilated brake discs - the most commonly used ones after the standard disks and characterized by a more complex design. This product actually consists of two thin discs with a free layer in between two of them. Because of the ventilation created by this unique design, the air can circulate freely, quickly dissipating the heat generated during the braking process. This prevents the discs from overheating and creates great braking performance.

- Slotted brake discs are designs with special notches cut into their surfaces. These discs allow water, dust and gases resulting from the friction of the brake pads against the disc to be easily and quickly removed. This design is commonly used in heavy-duty vehicles but it also have become a popular brake system upgrade for extreme driving enthusiasts.

- Drilled brake discs are parts with many perforations (or holes) all across the entire surface of the disk. Due to their design these products are much lighter than the traditional brake disks. And if you prefer to drive a little bit more actively these high performance parts were made just for you. Drilled brake disks also get a point for their aesthetic design, compared to the more traditional ones. These disks will make your car look "sporty" and perform great at the same time.

Brake Disc Replacement

This part of the braking system should be replaced when the disk has lost more than 1 mm on each side. It is also important to remember that the discs must be replaced if they show signs of uneven wear.

We provide full informational support and will help you with the selection of all necessary spare parts.

One important thing to remember for the owners of the new vehicles still under warranty, if you have decided to upgrade your car or replace some part, you must always order only Genuine brake discs (or parts). We supply original parts from Germany at a low prices for a wide variety of auto brands: Mercedes, Land Rover, BMW, Smart, Volkswagen and many others.