How can you distinguish a fake product from a genuine one?

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Today car owners have many opportunities and options when it comes to buying various auto products without even leaving home. Online stores, spare parts catalogs, and websites of official distributors - all make life of car enthusiasts around the world so much simpler.

Distinguishing original auto parts from counterfeit ones

But online stores (just as traditional auto stores) might still sell fake spare parts. So, how can you distinguish genuine products from the counterfeit ones? Is it even possible for an average car owner?

How to distinguish a genuine auto product from a fake one

To tell the truth, it might not be that simple, as counterfeiters go to incredible lengths to hide the "fakeness" of their products. Fake parts may look almost exactly the same as the original ones and, in some cases, even seasoned professionals may have trouble recognizing them, especially if they don't have genuine ones at hand to compare them to. Manufacturers of such products are getting better at copying the part itself and its packaging, security features, including holograms.

But there are always certain signs that can help you to find out whether this product is real or fake:

- First of all, the cost of the part can immediately tell you everything you need to know about this product. If you are offered an "original" spare part at a price two times lower than it usually costs, then have no doubts – it is a fake one.

- Brand name. Many original spare parts have it in painted, embossed letters or the name simply extrudes directly from the metal.

- Quality original packaging. Packaging may be different, but in any case, a branded box is easy to recognize among other offerings. It uses a high quality cardboard or plastic and all the information is printed clearly without any errors.

- The original manufacturer's code or part number. Each original spare part has a special code/part number, which should be always present on the packaging.

- The bar code. The inscription and the barcode confirm the genuine status of the product. Also the place of origin of the part should be clearly specified.

These are the main signs, which are worth paying attention to when it comes to distinguishing fake auto products from the real ones.

No car mechanic is able to determine at a glance the genuineness of the part, especially if it is a quality counterfeit. But the differences usually become evident during the part replacement process or during the operation of your vehicle. For example, counterfeit spare parts may not meet the required dimensions, technical parameters when compared to the original products. They also have a much shorter service life and are more prone to wear.

Since counterfeit parts are very difficult to identify in some cases, you should not buy auto parts at extremely low prices and even more so from unknown suppliers or auto shops.

Fake and counterfeit auto products

Parts can be counterfeited in a variety of ways. It could be something as simple as copying an original design or trademark to much more complex ways of faking the quality of the product.

It is important to understand that even the most accurate reproduction does not mean that this "genuine" product will have the same performance, quality and characteristics as a real one. Very often manufacturers of fake products lack even basic knowledge about parts or technologies they try to copy. In some cases this could lead to catastrophic part failure on the road.

No original manufacturer's markings? Congratulations, you found a counterfeit.

In recent years the customs services, specialized departments of manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts monitor the situation on the auto market and, when it becomes possible, prosecute sellers of counterfeit goods. These days, more and more car parts come without any manufacturer's marking at all or only have it in the form of a temporary sticker. Visually they might not even differ from the original products. These types of spare parts are often offered to customers with an excuse that they simply come from the OEM supplier assembly line and you have nothing to worry about.

Remember, manufacturers of high quality parts will not try to hide their brand name from the customers. If there is no marking on the product or indication of the manufacturer that produced this auto part, then it is not a real one.

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