So, where can I buy Mercedes parts?

Mercedes cars are well known for their great technical characteristics. They are distinguished by high quality components and remarkable reliability. But despite their reputation and long service life, even these cars can be prone to all kinds of malfunctions and breakdowns as the time goes on. You can buy Mercedes parts from an official distributor, Orient Global GmbH. Our company offers bargain prices for wholesale and retail auto parts from Germany. Since we cooperate directly with the manufacturers, the price of the parts we sell comes at lower cost compared to other companies.

What are the most frequent problems a Mercedes owner can experience? How often and in what way should these cars be repaired?

Buying Mercedes parts from an official distributor

Mercedes car maintenance. What do you need to know?

When is it worthwhile to use a car service that specializes in the diagnosis and repair of Mercedes cars? A good rule of thumb is to inspect the car before buying it, this way you can avoid future unnecessary issues and make sure that the car is in proper condition without overpaying.

Also, a regular maintenance should not be avoided as it can help your car to run smoothly for a longer period of time. Periodic inspections at least once a year are recommended. Why, you ask? This number comes from the car manufacturer and by following the recommended guidelines you can significantly increase the longevity and safety of your vehicle.

Comprehensive diagnostics is extremely important here as it can help you to detect any malfunctions in your car in time. Professional maintenance of cars and timely replacement of defective parts is the basis for safe and accident-free driving.

It is important to understand that the parts you buy must be of high quality. Only in this case you can be sure that they will have a long service life. You can always order original Mercedes parts from the distributor at Orient Global GmbH.

Mercedes and the most frequent malfunctions

Despite the fact that this brand is famous for its reliability, sometimes the drivers have to face all kinds of malfunctions. This car brand, as well as others, may often experience issues with electronic equipment.

Newer cars come with extremely sophisticated computer systems, which often include complex sensors and other types of electronics. A professional computer diagnostics can help to detect malfunctions related to electronic equipment.

It is also not uncommon for problems to occur in the brake system, suspension, and power steering. Also, malfunctions might occur in vehicles with diesel engines, for example, turbocharger failure.

How to find a good car mechanic?

Comprehensive diagnostics should be the basis of professional service for any brand of cars, including Mercedes. It is important that the chosen car service has an original equipment designed to support a particular brand. It is also worth paying attention to the scope of services offered by the car mechanic. The offer should include both diagnostics and maintenance, mechanics and bodywork. Such a comprehensive service will help extend the life of the car.

Very often the price of spare parts in such car services will be higher than from an official seller. But you can always buy Mercedes parts from Germany from a distributor, saving money and time, while purchasing a high quality product.