FERODO, BREMBO, Optimal, TRW brake pads

You can always order cheap and reliable brake pads from Germany through our site. We also sell other elements of braking systems and work directly with the manufacturers, so you can easily find everything you need at great prices. BREMBO, FERODO, TRW, Optimal KG, CEI - these are just a few of the companies that we cooperate with. Our company always has in stock (apart from brake pads) other elements of the braking system: brake pumps, discs, hoses, calipers, pad wear sensors and various repair kits.

Brake pads from Germany

The rapid development of the auto industry results in releases and production of faster and more powerful cars each year. And like everything that goes up has to come down, every vehicle needs some kind of brake system to stop the acceleration and the car itself in a safe, timely manner. The brake system is an extremely important element of any vehicle. In muscle, sports cars or trucks, or any time of vehicle for that matter, efficient brake pads are extremely important because they provide safety for both the driver and passengers, as well as all participants of the traffic. In order for the whole braking system to work reliably all of its parts and components should work in tandem without any issues. The brake system consists of many components but the most important are: already mentioned before - brake pads, brake discs, pumps, various hoses, calipers, and, of course, the brake pedal. Very often the whole system also comes with certain safety features and additions, such as, for example, ABS.

Brake pads and discs are considered consumables, this means that these products are prone to wear and can even break if used incorrectly. And all this means that car owners should always check their brakes and replace broken or worn out parts as soon as possible. We recommend not to postpone any important maintenance, and especially so when it comes to the brake system. Ignoring the warning signs can not only lead to the breaking of individual components, but can also have very serious consequences, in the form of threat to safety, health and life.

Of course, other parts of the system may also require a replacement, so you should always check the condition of said components from time to time.

Which brake pads are the best?

When choosing this type of product for the vehicle, you should consider several such factors as: efficiency, durability, and, of course, the cost. But the price of the brake pads should not be a decisive factor in your decision making process, although, in part, it allows you to judge the quality of the final product. Products purchased from a well-known manufacturer and a reliable supplier of spare parts are one of the best guarantees of quality. But spare parts of the same brand but bought from an unreliable seller can very often end up being fake. Be careful when buying car products at unrealistically low prices.

Choosing quality brake pads – the easy way

Just follow these three simple steps and you are home free:

- Reliability of supplier. We recommend buying any parts from proven suppliers with a relatively long business history. Very often you can easily find all the needed information about the company on the web, this includes reviews and comments from other customers. Order various spare parts from Germany from Orient Global GmbH. We deliver the good directly to our clients and work without intermediaries, which allows us to offer the lowest prices for quality goods. Our company guarantees the best price to quality ratio.

- Well-known brand name. Choose the brake pads from the best manufacturers - BREMBO, FERODO, TRW, Optimal KG, CEI, etc. Each of these companies has a long history of dealing in high quality goods and a strong reputation to uphold.

- Ratings, reviews and opinions of other car owners. Thanks to the Internet, you can find any information these days. Just look for the authentic reviews of car owners about the specific brake pads that might interest you and pay attention to the rating of the product.

By following these simple steps, we are sure that you will be able to easily make the right choice. When buying parts from a reputable manufacturer and a reliable supplier, you can be sure of their quality and reliability.

Order quality brake pads from Germany or other car products from us - Orient Global GmbH. We will do our best to offer you the lowest possible prices.