Spare parts delivery from Germany - brake pads for Volkswagen

Road safety is a key factor for all road traffic participants. That's why it is important to keep all car parts in top shape, especially brake pads. Found in any car, these components are part of the braking system responsible for safe and efficient braking. Which makes their perfect working condition an essential task. Orient Global GmbH supplies spare parts from Germany directly from the manufacturers. We offer a wide range of auto parts at low prices, including brake pads for Volkswagen.

To maintain your braking system in working condition it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of the vehicle. Timing and other useful information on Volkswagen brake pads replacement, or on any other vehicle, can usually be found in the instruction manual of the car. These recommendations come directly from the car manufacturer.

Brake pads for Volkswagen

Brake pads – what are they? And how do they function?

Brake pad is a component of a vehicle's disc braking system that operates by making contact with the disc in order to stop or slow down the vehicle. Over time, however, the brake pads tend to lose their effectiveness and wear out. This can lead to a significant reduction in the braking function of the vehicle and cause some potential issues in the short- or long-term.

Car owner should always remember to maintain and replace these important parts in a timely manner. The service life of the brake pads largely depends on your driving style. But, as a rule, they should be replaced approximately every 30 thousand kilometers, if you were using a high quality part all this time.

Our company supplies spare parts from Germany directly from world-famous manufacturing plants. We have a wide range of both original and OEM auto parts, which also includes brake pads for Volkswagen.

To clear up any doubts about the service life of your car's brake pads, it's best to read your car's owner's manual.

How do brake pads work?

They start to function the moment the driver presses the brake pedal, which causes a pressure generation in the hydraulic or pneumatic circuit. The pistons begin to be activated, pressing the brake pads against the brake system disc.

How often should brake pads be changed?

There are various signs that can help you to pinpoint the period when it is necessary to replace them:

- the vehicle takes significantly longer to come to a full stop or slow down: you press the brake pedal and understand that braking efficiency is not that great anymore;

- a strange metallic noise appears. The function of braking pads and braking system generate a unique noise;

- mileage covered: the need to replace the part is directly tied to the distance traveled by the vehicle. Ideally, you should check the brake pads every 5,000 kilometers. Every 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers, they should be completely replaced because by this point they not only lost the majority of their effectiveness but can also lead to serious issues on the road.

Many more modern cars have an indication on the dashboard, which lights up when it is time to replace the brake pads.

If you need genuine Volkswagen brake pads, do not hesitate in contacting Orient Global GmbH. We guarantee low prices and high quality products for our clients.