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Distributor of ATE parts - Orient Global GmbH sells auto parts directly from the manufacturer. Our company is working without intermediaries, which allows us to offer the best prices for the car parts on the market.

ATE, when you want the best products for your braking system

ATE Spare Parts

Our company can offer you a wide range of ATE products for various car models:

- Brake systems;
- Disc brakes;
- Brake pads;
- Cables;
- Hand Brake Cables;
- Drum Brakes;
- ABS Sensors;

ATE is a German company that was founded by the entrepreneur, Alfred Teves back in 1906. At the beginning the company focused on selling various car accessories. Three years later, Teves, along with the engineer Matthäus Braun, founded their first factory to produce car radiators. The products were heavily sought after by many manufacturers and very often could be seen installed inside the famous cars of that time. As the company was expanding its line of business, the next products to become part of their portfolio were spare parts for car braking system. ATE parts have always been known for its excellent quality. But the name everyone recognizes today has become official only in 1921.

One of the many pillars of success for ATE came from the company being an innovator in their line of business, offering unique ideas and solutions, supplying parts not only for the retail market, but also for the racing team of Daimler-Benz. ATE hydraulic brakes were part of the standard car equipment - these were the first European cars with such high quality braking system. These days, ATE is a part of the international concern Continental, which is one of the major manufacturers of brake system components for the aftermarket.

You can have no doubts about the quality and reliability of these spare parts. But if you want to save some money and looking for the lowest prices for ATE products, feel free to contact us, the official distributor of ATE parts - Orient Global GmbH. We are supplying auto parts from Germany directly from many car manufacturers and can offer you the best prices for any car part of this famous brand.

We sell a wide range of disc and drum brakes, hydraulic components for the braking system, clutch components, brake fluids, as well as a large variety of specialized tools and monitoring devices. Thanks to the huge number of combinations of materials used in the manufacturing of brake pads, you can choose any part you need, based on price, quality or other characteristics. This also allows you to choose parts similar to those used in the assembly line of many world-famous automakers.

Through continuous and ongoing research, testing and implementation of new technology, the company constantly creates perfect components for the braking systems for a wide variety of vehicles. Products of this brand are always in high demand and are extremely valued in motorsports, as well as among both ordinary car owners and enthusiasts, who want to have the most reliable parts in their vehicles.