ATE parts

"Orient Global GmbH" is an official supplier of ATE spare parts from the manufacturer. Our company is working without intermediaries, which allows us to have the best prices for spare car parts from Germany.

ATE is known worldwide for its high quality vehicle safety systems. All products of the company can be divided into two main categories:

- various electronic systems;

- braking and suspension elements.

ATE Spare Parts supplier

Braking system - ATE spare parts:

- brake pads;
- brake discs and drum brakes;
- calipers;
- brake cables;
- brake cylinders;
- clutch cylinders;
- clutch cables;
- brake boosters;
- brake hoses.

History of ATE

Alfred Teves, the company's founder, began his business in 1898 as a simple worker in a bicycle factory. Just four years later, he becomes the company's number one salesman, and in 1906 he already opens his own business of delivering car accessories. Three years later, together with the engineer Matthäus Braun, he founded a radiator factory in Germany. And in 1911 Teves founded Alfred Teves Maschinen-und Armaturenfabrik. The company does not focus on one single product, instead ATE starts developing the whole direction - the safety while driving and control of the vehicle in motion. They had become famous in 1926, thanks to the participation in creation of the first hydraulic braking system in Europe.

ATE parts today

One of the most important characteristics of ATE products is that the company does not differentiate between the parts that go directly for car manufacturing and the aftermarket spare parts. In both cases, the products have exactly the same quality and reliability. Which is confirmed by many years of flawless service in millions of cars. The brake pads installed on the car during the assembly will also be available for all customers as a spare part.

The technical specifications for these spare parts are always at the highest level. As an example, ATE brake fluid can run at a boiling point of 280 degrees without replacement for up to 3 years. And the brake discs, made using the original technology, are well known for their design features - a special groove collects water and drains it, increasing the performance on wet road while also serving as a wear indicator.

Only the most advanced, quality materials are use during the manufacturing process of car parts. These can range from rare metals and steels to various polymers made by the technology of production of ceramic products. The company pays a lot of attention to modern developments in the field of comfort and safety of the suspension but it also works on a wide range of other products, including the development of efficient fuel systems.

The products of this brand are well known all over the world. ATE auto parts are used during the assembly of many famous car manufacturers: FORD, BMW, VW, AUDI, SKODA, TOYOTA and many other well-known car brands. According to the numerous consumer surveys, the best brake pads for Volkswagen and Mercedes are ATE parts.
ATE, the right approach to cooperation with car parts sellers in the global market

The products come with all the necessary certificates and are shipped to more than 80 countries. Strict quality control of both own products and authorized production lines is what allows ATE to provide reliable products which contribute to road safety and comfort of the passengers.

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