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OEM and Aftermarket spare parts

One of the most frequently asked questions by many car owners around the world, which spare parts should I choose – Genuine or Aftermarket ones? And after that usually comes. What is the difference between these two? And then. When should I only use Genuine auto parts and in which cases it's possible to go with the Aftermarket ones?

In recent years, it has been a topic of constant debate among many experts and car enthusiasts in the forums and in auto shops, what is better a buy – Genuine or Aftermarket spare parts? Opinions of the expert community are divided on this matter. Some of them are convinced that the only correct choice is to use the Original ones, while others believe that the alternative in the form of OEM products is more than acceptable.

If you are looking for quality and inexpensive Aftermarket spare parts, then feel free to contact us, Orient Global GmbH, as we provide direct supplies of various auto products at manufacturers' prices. Just call us or send us a request form through the company's website if you want to find out the price of a certain part. And if you are unsure about which product to buy, our managers will do their best to help you with the purchase, right selection and delivery of auto parts.

What are the differences between original spare parts and quality OEM products?

First of all, it is important to define the name "Aftermarket part" and other names for spare parts.

- Genuine Parts are installed by the vehicle manufacturer during the first assembly.

- OEM auto parts - these can also be original parts and, although they are made to order by the automaker for its assembly lines, they bear the logo of the part manufacturer rather than the name of the vehicle manufacturer.

- Aftermarket products are inexpensive auto parts, the quality of which is comparable with the original products and confirmed by the appropriate certificates.

- Non certified parts of lesser known brands.

The main differences between the original and Aftermarket products are:

- Recommendation of the car manufacturer;

- Cost of the part;

- Service life and warranty period;

- Brand of the manufacturer;

- Various quality certificates.

One of the main factors in choosing any product is its price. It simply makes sense that many might lean towards inexpensive Aftermarket parts.

When should you buy Genuine products, and when is it possible to use quality Aftermarket products?

- If you can, always buy original parts (especially if the price difference is not that big).

- In new cars that are still under warranty. Using Aftermarket parts will void your warranty.

- In rare or old cars, try to replace damaged or worn spare parts with the original ones, so you can keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

- If you conduct a repair or part replacement, it is better to go with the genuine spare part as this will allow you to avoid any compatibility issues.

- In all other cases, you can quite successfully use Aftermarket, but only the quality Aftermarket spare parts not the fake ones. For example, your car is no longer under warranty, and it is an old model with high mileage, so it only makes sense to use non-originals, in case you need to replace, let's say, light bulbs or air filters. Although the service life of the product might be shorter, you can potentially save a lot of money going this route.

Whether you're looking for Genuine products or high quality, inexpensive Aftermarket auto parts, always buy them from trusted suppliers to avoid potential issues and save yourself time and money.