ICER auto parts

Our company, Orient Global GmbH, is an official supplier of ICER auto parts. We work without intermediaries, so that we can offer auto parts from Germany at best prices and deliver all our products directly from the manufacturers.

ICER is a Spanish company which specializes in various spare parts (disks, brake pads) for vehicle brake system. This brand is well known for its high quality products, which are always tested under extreme conditions to ensure the best performance and reliability of spare parts.

Supply of ICER spare parts

The manufacturing process of ICER brake pads goes through a variety of rigorous testing phases, which guarantee great performance and impeccable reliability of company's products. Each year, ICER produces 22,000,000 auto parts and exports them to more than 70 countries around the world. The deliveries of ICER parts are done without intermediaries, so if you need high-quality parts, feel free to contact us. Fill out a simple order form on our website or just call us to find the information you need.

ICER auto parts are compatible with more than 30 thousand various car models. The company is constantly evolving and expanding, offering a larger range of products every year.

The range of ICER spare parts

Nowadays the company offers a wide selection of products to ensure the most optimal braking experience for both passenger and industrial vehicles of many famous European and Asian car brands. The catalog of ICER auto parts includes: brake pads, discs and other components of braking systems suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. The brand is famous for its innovative solutions in the materials used during the manufacturing process of its parts. The company stopped using asbestos in the 1990s, and a little bit later - copper. All products come with certificates and comply with international standards.

All ICER brakes are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and reliability possible. In addition to the aforementioned products, the company also produces wear indicators, cleaning sprays and brake lubricants.

Parts of this brand last as long as the original ones (according to the many customer reviews), but cost considerably less. It's a great alternative to the original parts, if you don't want to overpay.

ICER History

ICER (Industrial Comercial Enrique Ruzi) was founded in 1961 under the name Materiales De Friccion SAE by a group of Spanish industrialists, whose goal was to produce high-quality abrasives and clutch discs. In 1968, the company launched its first line of brake pads. In 1970, ICER auto parts began to be exported to the United States and Germany. In 1974, the company established a research and development center, which contributed greatly to the improvement of solutions offered by the company, which were actively used in the railroad industry. The following years were filled with victories, achievements and expansion. More innovative solutions in production, developing technological and production capacities, widening the range of products, all these important steps made the company what it is today. Nowadays ICER is the largest European supplier of friction materials, which is a part of larger, ICER Brakes, concern.

If you are interested in the supply of ICER spare parts, please contact us. We can offer you a better price than most other companies working in this field. Just request a price list on ICER products and be pleasantly surprised.