Ferodo Auto Parts

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Supply of Ferodo spare parts

Ferodo products and offerings

Nowadays Ferodo is one of the most popular brands of spare parts for all types of vehicles (passenger cars, vans, trucks). The quality of the company's products is highly appreciated in the world of motorsports as many world famous racing teams choose Ferodo components for their brake systems. And a lot of car manufacturers use Ferodo as OEM alternative. These days the company supplies its parts to such manufacturers as Fiat, Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo where its products are used as OEM parts. Brake pads of this manufacturer were chosen for their quality and can be seen in the assembly lines of Audi A3, Citroen C5, Ford Focus and many other car models. Ferodo components of the braking system are always in high demand on the aftermarket and among many car enthusiasts.

Ferodo auto parts

The main line of business for the company is the production of various components for the braking system. Usually the most popular products are: brake cylinders, drum brakes and drum brake pads, brake discs, calipers, as well as pumps, hoses and other auto parts.

The company's product range, in addition to brake pads, discs, cables, also includes a line of various brake fluids. Apart from other high-quality synthetic fluids, the company also produces Ferodo LHM, which was specifically designed for cars that require mineral brake fluids.

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About Ferodo

The history of the company dates back to 1897, when English entrepreneur Herbert Frood founded a company for research, development and production of friction materials and the first braking systems for horse-drawn wagons, made under the Ferodo logo. Year 1902 was a turning point in the history of the company, as that was when the first friction pads were developed, which, are still widely used to this day. Twenty years later, the company supplied its friction pads to Austin 7, and in 1956, Ferodo introduced its first brake pads, which were put into mass production later. From the earliest years, the products of the company stood head and shoulders above others thanks to their high quality, and constant drive to innovate and implement new technologies into production. In 1969, the company launched its own research center, which opened up new opportunities in testing the final products and development of cutting edge technology.

These days Ferodo is one of the largest players in the international auto market with more than 45 000 employees and offices in 34 countries all around the world.