Opel auto parts from Germany

Opel cars are supplied to more than 60 countries around the world. In 2018 alone, around 1,000,000 vehicles were sold worldwide.

The auto giant has its own research and development center and test site. The company uses cutting edge technology to produce automobiles and components of highest quality and reliability.

Time, long journeys on not the best roads, or an emergency on the highway can all be the reason for a sudden car failure. The managers of Orient Global GmbH, which supplies spare parts from Germany, will help to restore the lost technical characteristics or the appearance of your vehicle.

Spare parts for Opel

Based on marketing research carried out by various specialists, we compiled an impressive list of spare parts for Opel vehicles. The stock of components is regularly replenished at the company's warehouses. Our company constantly monitors the situation to prevent any type of shortages for Opel spare parts which are usually coming from numerous partners.

The offered spare parts for Opel tested additionally for quality and performance.

Parts for cars of the Omega, Tigra, Zafira, Vectra, Antara, Sintra, Vivaro, Senator, Signum, Rekord, Meriva, Mokka, Kadett, Monterey and many other brands can be found in several price categories. The most expensive Opel Genuine Parts are manufactured in ten European factories owned by the company.

The reliability and durability of Opel original spare parts is many times greater than the service life of counterparts. The quality of products is confirmed by a special marking and a unique serial number.

Choose reliable original Opel auto parts for your car.

Professional advice from the managers of Orient Global GmbH can help our buyers to decide on the choice of parts for repairing their electrical system, car interior, fix issues with chassis or engine. Even the most pressing questions of our customers will never go unanswered.

We offer a wide range of products: oils and brake fluids, exhaust and cooling system parts, body parts, filters, transmission parts and suspension parts, as well as various brake system parts and much more.

We offer a much lower cost of spare parts for Opel compared to our competitors. For regular customers, we have a flexible system of discounts that allows you to reduce the repair costs. The preferential price does not at all mean a lower quality of parts, but testifies to the respectful and attentive attitude of managers to the company's customers.

You can request the cost of any single part by phone or by checking the current price list of Opel auto parts catalog using the feedback form!