Smart spare parts from Germany

Extra small cars under the Smart brand first appeared on the car market in 1998. Their production was launched by Micro Compact Car, founded by Daimler AG in cooperation with the Swiss watch company The Swatch Group Ltd.

Convenient and comfortable to drive in the city, these tiny cars have rapidly gained popularity among motorists all over the world. Maneuverable and of excellent build quality Citi-Coupe, Crossblade, Forfour, Cabrio, Fortwo, Roadster can often be found on the streets of many European and CIS countries´ cities.

The proper technical conditions of our vehicles is one of the many reasons why many city streets and country roads are so safe. Timely technical inspection and repair usually what keeps our cars from completely breaking down all of a sudden.

Orient Global GmbH can offer you to buy spare parts for Smart online directly from our website. Just fill out a simple request form on the webpage or call us, and we will send all the necessary information you need.

Spare auto parts for Smart

The original parts of the steering, braking system, engine and all other important components of the car will offer maximum reliability and confidence in the performance of your vehicle.

When it comes to repair and maintenance Smart car owners are mostly interested in the following spare parts: automatic transmission, steering system components, turbine, fuel pump, front bumper, hood, windshield. Other products from the section for regular car maintenance (interior/air filters, fuel or oil filters, brake pads, windshield wipers, spark plugs, etc.) are also very popular among Smart enthusiasts.

Trusting partnerships link the Cologne-based company with dozens of factories that manufacture these parts. Ordering spare parts from Germany which are made in the workshops of ERA, Erling, Borgwarner-Wahler, Auger, Alanko, Bilstein is not difficult at all. Orient Global GmbH managers will do their best to help you with the whole process, offering you great many products at competitive prices.

Replacement parts for Smart are thoroughly tested before the delivery. Experienced specialists check them beforehand for compliance with the current technical standards and performance. Our customers can always request an official certificate of quality for Smart spare parts.

Our company offers many bonuses for working with us. These include: competitive prices for various products, timely and fast delivery, the opportunity to take part in periodically held promotions. During a free consultation, interested buyers can ask questions about accompanying documents when products cross the border control and how the payment procedure works.

The purchased high-quality original and OEM Smart spare parts guarantee the restoration of the functionality of the car and restore its technical characteristics to the original values. Our specialists will not disappoint you.