Original Mercedes auto parts

Are you looking for a company where you can buy quality original Mercedes-Benz parts at best prices? Then do not hesitate in contacting us in any convenient way or using our website to find everything you might need for your vehicle. Our web site is not an internet store! But you might ask, why did you decide to sell spare parts from Germany this way? It is very simple. Thanks to this format we can provide the most relevant and lowest prices for various auto parts directly from the manufacturers. Just ask for a price list of original Mercedes parts and see for yourself.

Original Mercedes-Benz Parts

Our company, Orient Global GmbH, supplies quality spare parts for cars from many world's leading manufacturers, this also includes original Mercedes-Benz parts.

If you have to travel long distances every single day, it is obvious that all parts and components of your vehicle will be a subject to increased wear and sooner or later will eventually break down. That is why you should always choose auto parts of excellent quality, which were designed and tested with your vehicle's long term health in mind.

Only Mercedes-Benz genuine parts can provide you with the reliability and breakage-free longevity of a typical Mercedes vehicle. Each part was made for a specific model and has been tested extensively to ensure that you will get the best possible comfort and safety levels, as well as that your car is going to stay in its peak technical condition longer.

There are several benefits of Genuine auto parts:

- They will fit perfectly your car model

- Clean service history

- 2 year warranty from Original Equipment Manufacturer

- And most importantly, these products are really better compared to alternatives as they are more reliable and serve for longer periods of time without breaking

The difference between original and non-original car parts is sometimes not visible to the naked eye. But the data provided by independent research, conducted by various experts in a large number of test laboratories proves time and time again. If you want the best for your vehicle, Genuine parts are an obvious choice.

Genuine, non-original or used, which ones should you choose?

The technical perfection of each Mercedes vehicle is guaranteed by its impeccable design and verified quality of various parts and components.

Third-party manufacturers produce alternatives to original parts and can even claim that these auto products will certainly fit your vehicle, but there is no absolute guarantee of part compatibility when you order on your own from an online store. Orient Global GmbH, supplies quality auto parts from the world's leading manufacturers. All parts whether OEM or Aftermarket are certified and thoroughly tested during the production process. Our managers are always ready to help you choose all the necessary parts or components for your vehicle.

Used parts might seem like a good, cheap alternative but very often buying some of them can be extremely dangerous, as you have no way of knowing how and under what conditions these were used. They can cause irreparable damage to your car and even put your safety at risk. But they can also serve you for a very long time without any issues. Are you ready to take such a gamble and install these products in your Mercedes? Most car owners, especially those with newer models, are not going to take that risk.

What we always recommend to our customers is to buy genuine Mercedes-Benz parts only from authorized dealers. This will always help you avoid some issues with various auto products and, at the same time, serve as a quality guarantee.