MANN-FILTER spare parts

Orient Global GmbH supplies MANN-FILTER parts directly from the manufacturer. This premium brand of auto parts primarily works with filters but you can also find other categories of spare parts at bargain prices if you contact our company.

The MANN-FILTER is a part of the multinational group MANN+HUMMEL, the largest manufacturer of innovative filter products for a huge variety of vehicles. The company supplies auto parts for world leading auto factories and manufacturers and holds main positions in the international market of spare parts.

MANN-FILTER spare parts

History of Mann-Filter

The industrial giant MANN+HUMMEL was founded back in 1941 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Its founders were: Adolf Mann and Erich Hummel. Since then the company did not stop producing various types of cutting edge filters for all kinds of machinery. Due to the expansion of the company and quality of its products, this brand has become the undeniable leader in its field. MANN+HUMMEL continued to expand its business, opening new plants and obtaining other companies from all around the world.

Currently, the company has offices and owns production facilities in many parts of the world: Europe, Asia, South Africa, the United States, Australia and others. Constantly diverting funds to R&D helps the company improve already high levels of product quality and produce the best possible results.

Constant positive feedback from the customers only proves filters' high quality and reliability.

Mann-filter spare parts

The company produces more than 2200 high quality items. Mann-filter parts are produced under its own brand and can be easily found on the Aftermarket.

During the manufacturing process of fuel filters the company uses its own material - Multigrade, which offers extra protection of the fuel system from dust, rust, water and other possible contaminants.

Mann-filter air filters (the most popular models are C 30 135, C 26 168) protect the combustion chamber of the engine from harmful particles and impurities due to the use of high-tech material called - Micrograde N.

Cabin filters (the most popular among car owners are CUK 3139, FP 2939, CUK 2939) provide perfectly clean air in the interior of the vehicle, catching 95% of particles of dust, pollen, etc. This is made possible thanks to the company's own innovative technology - pleating (thermal forming method).

The oil filter W610/3, like other MANN-FILTER products in this category of oil filters for complex filtration systems, is resistant to chemicals, efficient in fine filtration and has an excellent dirt holding capacity. Oil and fuel filters of this manufacturer are considered one of the best on the market.

You can always buy MANN-FILTER parts for a large variety of vehicles directly from us.

Orient Global GmbH supplies spare parts MANN-FILTER directly from the manufacturer, due to the status of an official distributor. We offer a large selection of products of this famous brand, as well as sell other spare parts from Germany at competitive prices. Our qualified customer service will help you choose the right filter for your needs. Our company sells a wide variety of time-tested auto parts from many renown brands and also offers quick delivery times.