LEMFÖRDER spare parts

Orient Global GmbH supplies Lemforder parts directly from the manufacturer. Working without intermediaries, we can offer the best prices on the market for Lemförder products.

The company Lemförder is a subsidiary of ZF Friedrichshafen, one of the three leaders of German automotive industry. The main specialization of the company is the production of steering and suspension parts, as well as plastic and rubber-metal products.

Lemforder spare parts supplier

Lemforder spare parts are available for numerous car models both in the premium and middle class. The product catalogs are systematically updated with new items for the aftermarket car parts. The products of this brand are well known throughout the world for their unsurpassed quality, which fully justifies the company's slogan "Safety, quality and long service life".

Lemförder: the history of success

Lemförder was founded in Germany in 1947 by the engineer-inventor Jürgen Ulderup and the company was originally called Lemförder Metallwaren-Gesellschaft GmbH. Until 1952 the core business of the company was the repair of agricultural machinery and automobiles. The reason for the establishment of the company was the development of an innovative suspension ball bearing, which was patented by the future owner of the company. After obtaining the authorization for the production of this part, and in view of the growing demand for spare parts for suspension and steering, the company began manufacturing shafts and steering rods. And in 1948 it became the main supplier of these parts for the German automotive industry.

In 1984, the company merged with the largest spare parts manufacturer - ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The main specialization of the company remained the same - production of suspension parts. This continues to be the main focus of Lemforder to this day. In 2000, the company received its present name - ZF Lemförder AG, and expanded the scope of their business by adding individual steering parts and wheel axle assemblies to their product range.

Today Lemförder spare parts are shipped worldwide and can be seen in the production lines of major German, American, Japanese and Korean car manufacturers. Aftermarket parts with this logo are always in high demand in most European countries.

Lemförder suspension and steering components - a guarantee of complete safety for your vehicle.

During more than 70 years of its history, the company has earned the reputation of a reliable supplier of spare parts, which is confirmed by the customer loyalty all over the world, also due to the high quality of these products. To date, the product range of Lemforder auto parts has more than 13,000 various items for both cars and trucks, and includes the following types of products:

- steering and suspension elements (steering rods, ball joints, wishbones, suspension bushings);

- steering and suspension mounts (rubber and metal engine mounts, gearbox, axles and shock absorbers).

Orient Global GmbH offers you an opportunity to buy Lemforder spare parts directly from the manufacturer.

LEMFORDER auto parts can be divided into:

- gearbox suspension;
- shock absorber hangers;
- shock absorber bumpers;
- silent blocks;
- bushings and rods of stabilizers;
- dusters of steering rack;
- arms;
- engine sprags;
- ball elements;
- elastic couplings;
- dusters;
- steering rods, tips;
- joints
- filters (engine inlet hose, automatic transmission filter, bracket of air filter housing) and many other things.

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