Automotive Generators from Germany

"Orient Global GmbH" supplies automotive generators from Germany directly from manufacturing plants. But we also sell separate components and parts for these products.

Popular companies that are making car generators:

Deutz generators. Deutz AG is the largest German concern that has been manufacturing car generators and engines for over 130 years. They work with the leading manufacturers of agricultural and automotive equipment. Huge variety of parts, high quality and competitive prices all these factors contribute favorably to the popularity of these products. Automotive generators produced on the basis of engines of this company are of very high quality and reliability. If you need a generator that works reliably in a variety of conditions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you the best price on the market.

Buy a car generator in Germany

Perkins generators. This British company has been in the diesel generator engines market for about 90 years and produces highly reliable, modern, environmentally friendly diesel and gas engines, as well as super-powerful Perkins generators. Many leading manufacturing plants use engines of this particular company for their special equipment.

Cummins generators. Cummins generators has been setting the benchmark for reliability and durability for many years. You can buy a Cummins car generator at a bargain price from us by simply sending a request to

Generators Volvo Penta. The Swedish company Volvo Penta is one of the most renowned manufacturers of diesel engines and generators. All generators and engines manufactured by the factories of this company are very environmentally friendly, reliable pieces of machinery. They fully comply with the international environmental standards in addition to having high fuel efficiency indicators.

Генераторы из Германии

FG-Wilson generators. FG-Wilson is one of the world's largest generator manufacturers. Products are extensively represented by various models that differ in configuration, power output, and scope of usage. All products manufactured by this company are of consistent quality, which explains their popularity among many buyers. You can buy an FG-Wilson car generator at a bargain price from us by simply filling out the feedback form on the website.

Rexroth Bosch generators. The largest German concern Bosch Rexroth AG produces systems related to the control and movement of industrial equipment, as well as automobile generators and components for them. Are you looking for a reliable partner for the supply of spare parts? Do you want to extend the service life of your special equipment with quality spare parts? Contact Orient Global GmbH. Many of our products come directly from the manufacturer. Here you can buy BOSCH / REXROTH generators for special equipment and trucks at extremely favorable prices.

Pramac generators. Today, in terms of sales of power equipment, this company firmly occupies a third place in the whole market. All products are certified and manufactured in accordance with international quality and environmental standards. Pramac values its reputation and conducts rigorous testings on all products, spare parts and accessories made in company´s factories. And, if you choose to buy a Pramac car generator, then you can be sure that this modern, high-quality equipment can work even in the most adverse conditions.

All of these companies also focus on the segment of transport engines, engines for specialized equipment, and engines for diesel and gas powered generators.

What is a car generator?

Автомобильные генераторы из Германии

The generator is the main source of power for all electrical components of the vehicle. When it stops working, the car is limited to a short-term supply of energy from the battery. Like many parts of the car the generator is a durable component, but just like any other piece of machinery, it can and will wear out with time due to various factors (age, adverse conditions, inadequate mantenance)

Most frequently replaced parts of car generators:

1. Diode bridge, or, in the case of a split bridge, its individual parts.

2. Control unit.

3. Brushes.

4. Bearings.

You can also purchase separately many types of accessories for a generator or engine directly from us.

A car generator is a reliable and durable part of a vehicle, but it still needs to be repaired or replaced periodically. When choosing a generator, it is worth considering its output power to eliminate any future problems which might arise later.

You can buy a generator from Germany through our webpage. Orient Global GmbH supplies generators directly from world leading manufacturing plants and can offer you the best price on the market.