Participating in FEBI Bilstein GmbH Workshop

The spring-autumn period is the most convenient time for visiting the Republic of Uzbekistan, including on business matters.

«FEBI Bilstein GmbH» is a longtime and one of the strategic partners of «Orient Global GmbH» in the Uzbekistan's market. Several times a year, representatives of «FEBI Bilstein GmbH» visit Uzbekistan to coordinate the activities of «Orient Global GmbH» in the Uzbekistan's market.

During one of the last visits, representatives of «FEBI Bilstein GmbH» kindly agreed to take part in an information workshop organized by «Orient Global GmbH» for its trade partners in Uzbekistan.

During the event, the sales manager of Febi products, Mr. Maxim Grishakov (Germany), spoke in great detail about the advantages of Febi products over some other similar brands, and about new products constantly developed and manufactured by the supplier. As a result of the workshop, the participants were presented with personalized certificates, as well as memorable gifts.