Supply of spare parts for VAICO without intermediaries

Orient Global GmbH carries out direct deliveries of VAICO parts without intermediaries, and acts as the official distributor of this famous brand. You can easily find a large variety of auto parts from Germany at low prices in our store.

BMW, Ford, Volvo, Mercedes and many other cars of German, Asian, American origin are usually the ones with the largest variety of spare parts on the market, which makes them extremely popular among many car owners.

Direct supplies of VAICO spare parts

VAICO car parts

You can find a wide range of original VAICO spare parts on the market, these usually include:

- cardan shafts, half axles and CV joints;

- shock absorbers;

- oil filters;

- suspension and steering parts (stabilizer struts, silent blocks, ball joints);

- brake system parts (brake discs and pads, hoses, fluids, etc.);

- parts for the cooling system (fans, water cooling pump, thermostat pipe, and more);

- rubber and metal components;

- engine parts and a large variety of other products.

Direct deliveries of VAICO spare parts; all of the products are delivered in the original branded package, which comes with protective holograms to help you identify genuine products. These auto parts are certified and fully comply with European quality standards ISO.

Buy VAICO parts without intermediaries

You can buy original VAICO parts online and have them delivered as quickly as possible. The range of products includes quality filters, steering parts, electrical components, fasteners, components and fluids for the braking system, suspension parts, as well as antifreeze. At Orient Global GmbH we sell only the highest quality spare parts for European, American and Asian car brands.

We offer our clients a wide range of spare parts from Germany - more than 1 million items that you can simply buy by filling out a form on the website, contacting us by e-mail or calling one of our managers.

A brief history of the company

The brand belongs to a large German auto parts manufacturer VIEROL AG. Currently VAICO product range includes more than 17 000 products, and more than 1000 of them received the quality mark Q+.

VAICO company

VIEROL AG was founded in 1977 by Jürgen R. Firtelhaus in Rastede. The company specialized in the production of spare parts for German car manufacturers. Since 1988 the company began to actively develop its distribution network. Today, it is a brand recognized globally for being a reliable supplier of brake and electrical systems. In 1999 the company registered VAICO brand and started supplying auto parts under this name to more than 125 countries.

You can always order online Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket parts from us. We offer a wide range of products and car accessories from various companies, including VAICO, at reasonable prices.