Brembo auto parts

The main line of business for Orient Global GmbH is a supply of Brembo spare parts, as well as, other automotive parts from Germany to Uzbekistan and other CIS countries. Our products come directly from the manufacturer, which gives us an opportunity to sell auto parts at the best possible prices.

German company BREMBO is a leading manufacturer of high-performance brake systems for motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and racing cars. Through continued development, unique design technology and strict control at all stages of production, the brand has received many positive reviews and has been recognized as the most reliable manufacturer of original equipment and parts for the aftermarket while also offering perfect compatibility.

Brembo parts delivery

History of Brembo

The company made its first steps to the top back in 1961. At that time, it only consisted of some small plants and workshops for the production of brake discs which were made for a small circle of customers. The success was based on the great experience of its founder Emilio Bombassei in the metallurgical and mechanical industries. Thanks to a completely new approach to the technological process of manufacturing parts, Brembo brakes were put into mass production after only 3 years.

Their products soon were supplied to many global auto giants: Aston Martin, Ducati, Lancia, Porsche, Bugatti, Harley Davidson, Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Land Rover, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mercedes.

Today BREMBO is one of the most prestigious international brands, selling its products around the world. The production is located in 16 European countries.

BREMBO auto parts

Thanks to the technological capabilities, impressive production facilities and innovative developments, the company produces a full range of parts for the braking system with excellent technical characteristics. Longevity, high performance and reliability ensure the highest level of safety and comfort when driving a vehicle.

Brembo offers the following types of products for:

- cars and trucks. Brake pads, discs, drums, brake pads, wheel modules and kits to ensure perfect dynamics and the most accurate braking;

- motorcycles. In addition to the main list of products, the company supplies brake calipers, discs and cylinders of lighter metal alloys, as well as repair kits;

- racing cars. Brembo develops high-tech components for clutch and passive safety systems, which are essential for the perfect performance of a vehicle during a race.

You can buy BREMBO parts at bargain prices directly from us - Orient Global GmbH.

We supply Brembo spare parts in all configurations, as well as auto parts from other leading car manufacturers at very affordable prices all over Europe. For more information, you can always contact our customer support by phone or by e-mail, or simply fill out a simple application form on our website.