Bosch car parts supplies

A large number of vehicle manufacturers trust Bosch, because Bosch auto parts are of excellent quality and offer extreme reliability.

Orient Global GmbH supplies Bosch auto parts without intermediaries and offers the best prices for original Bosch parts.

Bosch spare parts supplies

Bosch auto parts and their classification

The company has always produced parts of the highest quality. Before going into mass production and sale, all Bosch auto parts are rigorously tested. All car owners who buy Bosch parts can trust this process and count on the excellent quality and long service life of their products.

The range of products:

- Spark plugs. There are several types: with platinum-plated electrodes, silver-alloyed, yttrium-alloyed, with one or more electrodes. Iridium and platinum Bosch spark plugs are of the highest quality and offer improved performance for your gasoline engine. Nickel spark plugs are produced for both diesel and gasoline systems. The number of electrodes can vary from 1 to 4;

- Wiper blades. Effectively clean glass even under the most extreme conditions;

- Car filters. Dust and air filters will provide your car's interior with fresh, clean air. Oil and fuel filters capture various harmful chemicals and wear particles;

- Discs and pads. Brake discs and pads can function effectively even under high mechanical and thermal loads;

- Belts are made of heavy-duty rubber which increases the durability of the final product. These products are resistant to moisture, heat, and the aggressive effects of lubricants;

- Components for gasoline (ignition circuit cable, ignition coil, etc.) and diesel systems (in-line diesel fuel pump, metering modules);

- Lamps will provide you with excellent illumination and long service life. Great price-quality ratio;

- Generators which provide power to the onboard electrical system of the car even under extreme conditions. Starters of the highest quality and great reliability;

- The company also produces various sensors and a large variety of other products.

All spare parts of the brand are made in accordance with strict requirements, based on a thorough knowledge of the original equipment of each individual car. This ensures the reliable operation of the vehicle even in extreme conditions.

Briefly about the founding and the development of Bosch

In 1886, Stuttgart, Robert Bosch founded a small company under the name "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Equipment". Thanks to the successful development and high quality of its products the company has grown into a global giant, and today has more than 500 subsidiaries and regional offices in more than 60 countries around the world. Bosch sells its products to nearly 160 countries. About sixty thousand specialists in 118 cities around the world carry out research and development of future products. The latest technology and innovative developments contribute to the further development of the company.

The group's activities are concentrated in several business areas: the automotive industry, industrial and energy sectors, construction technology and consumer goods.

As one of the world leaders in the production of automotive parts, Bosch products are supplied to various auto manufacturers around the world. Bosch auto parts are premium products and can be used in vehicles of all classes and models, which makes them extremely popular among many car owners. All the necessary spare parts you can find in the official Bosch parts catalog.

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